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 Power Walking

Power Walking is a great exercise that everyone should try that combines aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, for building a strong muscular look and muscular endurance along with a high degree of cardiopulmonary fitness. The known sports that have those benefits are distance rowing, distance swimming, cross-country skiing. Well as you know not everybody has easy access to a lake or river and the weather usually keeps you from doing those things year round. But Power Walking you can do in any kind of weather, at any time of the year.

Power Walking was invented by Steve Reeves. He defined it as walking with a progressive resistance. Ordinary walking can build heart and lung capacity but Power Walking is much more strenuous. There are six key factors of Power Walking:

1. Length of stride
2. Speed of movement
3. Distance traveled
4. Degree of incline
5. Amount of weight carried
6. Rhythmic breathing

It is important that you walk at a fast pace taking big steps and breathing rhythmically. You should breathe in with every 3 steps and out with every 3 steps. If you're going uphill, breathe in with every 2 steps and out with every 2 steps. Steve recommends that you start out with Power Walking a half mile at a comfortable speed. Once you get used to it you can start carrying weights. Steve liked to carry most of his weight on his waist.

All of that rhythmic breathing will increase the size of your rib cage, that means you get a bigger chest. The increased oxygen intake will put more red corpuscles in your blood making you healthier and more energetic.

Power Walking is better than jogging. I use to do jogging but quit when I tried Power Walking. Steve says its better because of several reasons. First of all its low risk and you won't develop "jogger's knees.". You won't mess up your lower back from pounding the pavement so much. A lot of people don't realize that while jogging you purposely hold yourself back. You only use about 35 percent of your aerobic capacity, but with Power you're giving about 95 percent. Your arms and legs are working, and you are constantly renewing your oxygen and energy as you go along.

Steve says Power Walking is also good for women. When jogging or running, the breasts tend to shrink due to the constant bouncing and breakdown of the tissue. While on the other hand Power Walking actually helps firm up the tissue.

Posted by Nick

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