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 Steve Reeves Frequency of Weight Training

When I go to the gym most people that I know there work out a split routine doing certain muscle groups on certain days. Well I've always done full body workouts 3 days a week. This may surprise a lot of people but Steve Reeves (the inspiration of many bodybuilders including Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Scharwzenneger, and Sylvester Stallone) says that you should only train 3 days a week. When Steve got into movies he only had to train one month a year and that was it cause his muscles didn't go away. Those overtrained weightlifters lose their muscle faster. I know this because I've met some of them at the gym.

Take a look at Steve and see what it did for him. He never trained more than 3 days a week. Steve says that any more than that is overtraining. In order to build muscle you must not only exercise but also rest. While exercising the muscle tissue is broken down and rebuilt while resting. So make sure you schedule rest days in your workouts. Over a long period time, training too much will cause you to lose muscle.

Posted by Nick


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