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 What is a classic physique?

Bodybuilder Steve Reeves is known for having a classic physique, but what exactly does that mean? To me its the best physique you can get for yourself. To have a classic physique means your body is in symmetry--your biceps, calves, and neck should all be measured the same. Steve's measurements were 18 1/4. You should have a narrow waist and hips and a wide set of shoulders. Your back should be in a V shape. If that's your goal, look at the Hercules Workout Plan posted on the site to show you what you can do to reach that goal.

If you want those wide shoulders, this is how you do it. You should use a wide grip when you're doing exercises like bench pressing, behind the neck press, and behind the neck pulldown. As Steve says, "train wide to be wide."

 Steve didn't do sit-ups. In fact he didn't train his abs at all if you can believe that!

Posted by Nick

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