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When it comes to what a beginner, or someone who hasn't worked out for quite a while, needs in a workout DVD, the first series that comes to mind is from the health and fitness star, Gilad Janklowicz. Gilad is the star of the long running health and fitness show, Bodies in Motion which started in 1983 and ran to 1996 on ESPN and from 1996 to 2002 on Fox Sports. Gilad was a record holding decathlon athlete in Israel and a fitness officer in the military, as well as an Olympic hopeful in 1980. The man knows his fitness, and has produced a ton of health and fitness DVDs.

Gilad Beginners workout
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Why do I recommend Gilad workouts for beginners? I've been doing Gilad workouts off and on for years dating back to his days on ESPN in the 1980's in my teenage years. The one thing I can say, I don't think I've ever gotten injured following a Gilad workout. I've gotten injured during weight lifting, running, and other high intense advanced workouts like Insanity, but never during a Gilad workout that I can remember. Let's face it injuries are a part of working out, but for beginners or for those with existing injuries it's wise to try and tailor your workout to avoid causing injuries or creating new ones.

Of course, I'm not saying it's impossible to get injured during a Gilad workout, as it's possible to get injured just getting out of bed. Sometimes, I get injuries that I have no idea where they came from.

Gilad's workouts do the job. They don't push you to the limit of human endurance like the previously mentioned Insanity workout, but they are great for improving flexibility, endurance, strength, and cardio.  Don't get me wrong Insanity is great, but I think Gilad's workouts are better for beginners. Insanity is for the advanced who want a real challenge. Gilad does have various levels, of course and he has DVDs specifically targeted for beginners such as the Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program. You can see a video clip here. Gilad even has a series of fitness videos for kids, called Gilad Kids in Motion.

Gilad low impact workout
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Also if you have knee issues, then you might want to check out Gilad's Low Impact Workouts DVD. Check out the video clip here. This is great for older individuals as well. Remember, it's very important to keep moving as we get older to keep our bodies working efficiently.

One of the things I love about Gilad workouts is the background. Most of them feature a great beach location shot and in the cold dark winter they can almost give you a a good psychological lift. It's like the next best thing to being on the beach.

The workout I love to do, and have done for years is Gilad's Best of Bodies in Motion. It's a great all around basic workout. I'm a avid weight lifter and I do love to push it, but it's not good to punish your body with intense workouts every day. Sometimes, you need a therapeutic workout from time to time just to get the blood pumping for healing and recuperation. Science tells us that sitting too much is not healthy, and you can't do greatly intense workouts like HIIT or high intensity workouts every day.

You need workouts like Bodies in Motion that don't necessarily push your body to complete muscle failure to keep your body going without breaking it down. The abs section might push you to muscle failure a little bit, but in general, if you are already in good shape this workout works great as a healing exercise session or a bridge to your next highly intense workout. It's also the kind of workout I, personally, would feel comfortable doing if I had a seriously busy schedule and had to skip working out for a week or two. For video clips of Bodies in Motion.

You wouldn't skip a week or two and just plop in a Insanity workout, especially if you are a little older. Those kinds of workouts take a bit of building up to, unless you do a lot of hitting the pause button to catch your breath. Don't get me wrong, again, I love Insanity, but every workout has it's place, and some people might avoid working out because they are afraid of getting injured and don't really want the experience, necessarily, of gasping for breath. That being the case, there is nothing wrong with doing Gilad workouts on a regular basis to satisfy your cardiovascular needs. Just as Gilad says during a workout, "Never sit down, never sit", and "Aerobics is good for you". Just doing any kind of healthy aerobic activity on a regular basis is going to do wonders for your health and help you live longer. To accomplish the goal of living longer and staying healthy, you don't always have to workout like Rocky or Rambo. I like to, but that's my personal preference. I hate to see people avoid working out because they have a sort of fear or intimidation of exercise. The only thing to fear is not exercising, but the lack of exercise and what a sedentary lifestyle does to our bodies over time.

Another point, Gilad's workouts are easy to follow as well. That's probably the biggest thing I like about Gilad workouts. I don't know how many times I've done new workouts with my wife, and found that some of her workouts are very complex at first. With Gilad you can pretty much jump right into it without stepping all over yourself. Great for clumsy guys like me.

Again, Gilad really knows his stuff when it comes to building a healthy body. You can't go wrong with any of the Gilad workout series on DVD. Working out with Gilad will improve your flexibility, muscle tone, and cardio without nearly as much risk for injury as some of the other popular workout series.

Also, if you are new to health and fitness in general, but you really want to look like you workout, you want to have abs of steel and so forth, then check out my Action Hero Abs book. It's for people who want serious information, but perhaps given in a light hearted way at times. Yes, some of it is a little silly for laughs, but the facts inside will help you achieve long term health and fitness goals that will last and last. Order it today at Amazon. Please check out my other books as well.

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