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Easy Plan to Lose Weight

I think this basic plan will work for most people. It's just common sense really.

1. Make a list of healthy foods preferably the least processed the better. Ask yourself are these items completely healthy? Be honest now. I know we all have a few favorite items that might not be perfect foods, but don't allow more than one item that's processed in your list if you want to succeed. The next time you go to the store allow yourself a different item, but keep it as clean as possible, no high fructose corn syrup. To have a perfect group of food items go organic when possible and if you have the will power do not put any processed foods into your list. Take your time do research on the net, find healthy food items that maybe you've never tried before to make it interesting.  

 2.Eat good before you go to the store. If there was ever a time to indulge yourself, it's now. Eat all you want. That way when you go to the store you won't be tempted to grab at all the junk food. Now only put items into your cart that are on your list. Do not be tempted to put more processed junk into your cart as you pass by. In fact since you have a list, and most of your items should be in the meat and fruit and vegetables section you should be making a straight line for the good stuff. I repeat this is important do not put anything into your cart, that you did not plan on unless it's a perfect food. That is it's not processed meat, it's a vegetable or fruit etc.

3.Now you are home you're all set. Get to cooking your healthy foods. Eat some spinach, kale, an apple, broccoli, some backed chicken. Cook your meals to take to work with you and to snack on like boiled eggs. Do not go to McDonalds every day during your lunch break. Do not use a vending machine. If you feel tempted, slap yourself. Remind yourself how much money it costs if you don't want to do it for health alone. In fact don't take change to work with you.

I guarantee you unless you go way overboard on fruit which does have sugar in it of course, you will lose weight. This is a life style choice though and not a 2 week diet. You do it every week, and in a few months you'll lose a lot of weight depending on how big you are when you start, and how much activity you have in your daily schedule.

The reason people can't lose weight today is they can't stop drinking cokes and eating sugar snacks and other processed goodies filled with fat, carbs, and sugar.

My secret is simple. If you don't buy it. You can't eat it. Remember that. If you were quitting smoking or drinking booze you wouldn't go to a bar. You wouldn't buy it, and bring it home with you. Don't buy junk food and bring it home. Don't buy it anywhere. Go out of your way to avoid fast food joints.

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