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How to Brainwash Yourself to Healthier You

 I'm not going to say that everyone of us can be another Arnold, but everyone can make great positive changes in their health and fitness levels by using their most powerful tool, the mind. Your mind can be programmed to doing a lot of wonderful or terrible things. You can change your behavior and literally transform your body with it. Physical changes within our control start with the mind.

A lot of what we think and do in life is learned behavior. We falsely believe sometimes that we are in more control that when we really are. Ever zone out while driving home from work? It's like your brain was in auto pilot wasn't it?

Think of the placebo effect. Drug studies are usually done by comparing results of a placebo (fake drug) to the real drug. Surprisingly, placebos work a great percentage of the time based on nothing else than a person's belief they will. Of course, drug companies can't make money with placebos so they tend to overlook the obvious ramifications to this finding. Think of it. How many people could be cured of diseases by simply believing they will be cured? We know if a person is depressed it effects them physically. We know laughter actually has health benefits. How we think and feel about our situation effects us physically.

Addiction a Bad Computer Program

Let's say for example, that a person loves honey buns for breakfast every morning. This person knows that instinctively this habit may be preventing them from losing weight and could be potentially increasing their risk of heart disease, cancers, and other diseases, but they choose to ignore that information. We ignore unpleasant information sometimes because of addiction. Addiction is like a computer program for the mind.

To change an addiction or a programming, a person needs to start by studying up on their bad habit. For instance if did a quick search on the internet you might find that the average honey bun has approximately 29 grams of sugar per bun, and over 400 calories with only about one gram of fiber.

The American Heart Association’s recommended daily allowance levels of added sugar for grown males is at 36 grams, females at 20 grams, and children at around 12 grams per day. So with this one morning habit you've likely put yourself over the limit on added sugar for the day, and with little fiber the slow down the absorption of the sugar you get the full insulin spike and accompanying weight gain. By taking the time to research your food choices you start the process of altering your diet.

Controlling the Programming of Your Mind

Taking in information that supports the direction you want to go in is the first step in reprogramming your mind.

The Bible in Proverbs 23:7 states, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he". It's true. Our thoughts control who we are and what we become. If you want to go in a particular direction, in this case, say you want to lose weight and build muscle, then you have to focus your thoughts on the subject. Read health and fitness books, watch youtube health and fitness videos, maybe even hang out where people go to exercise, like a gym. The more information you take in the more you will start to go in the direction the information takes you.

You can literally brainwash yourself into going wherever you want to go. Another important principle in controlling your mind's programming is by choosing to hang out with people that you want to be like. Think of it this way, why do we encourage teenagers to hang out with other kids we think are positive influences? The more we interact with others the more we tend to get pulled in  their direction. Other people can definitely have an effect on our mind's programming, sometimes in subtle ways we don't even realize. So if you want to be a alcoholic, then go to bars every day and talk to alcoholics. Eventually, you will begin to see their logic and wind up drinking every night yourself. If you are an alcoholic and want to quit, hang out with others that have quit drinking.

If you want to be in shape, hang out with people that eat healthy and exercise. I'm not implying that you shun the world, because most people eat unhealthy, obviously, but you can choose who you spend the most time with and when. Try to talk your bad diet friends into other activities besides eating, because you know they'll eat foods that will tempt you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has said in the past that he focused his mind on what body parts he was trying to build. Success begins in the mind. If you don't plan to succeed mentally, you will fail.

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

Henry Ford was right. It's truly a shame when a parent tells a child that they are losers, because they don't realize that by doing so they put a programming into that kid's mind that will stay with them the rest of their lives. On the other hand some parents go overboard and teach their kids they can do no wrong and they wind up being overconfident and arrogant. These types of young adults believe the world owes them a living simply because they exist.

 If you don't feel confident about a major goal, make smaller ones that lead up to that goal. Each success will boost your confidence level. Stay positive and keep focused on your goals. Write your goals down whether it's losing weight, building muscle, or just better health in general. Plan ahead. Write down your fitness strategies, your workouts, and especially grocery lists.

It is inevitable that a person will become whatever they think on the most. What we put into our mind's is critical to who we will be in the future. On a side note, this is a good thing to remember the next time you turn on the TV. You have to ask ourselves, how much of our current mindset is influenced by what we see on TV? For this reason, be choosy on what you watch. Don't let others dictate what your mind's programming will be. More and more, I find myself watching older shows just for this reason. I want to be entertained when I watch television not be brainwashed into someone else's way of thinking. Modern television programming has become more about dictating what our political and moral mindsets should be rather than simply providing us with a good story.

When I was young I loved to watch Rocky movies to get motivated to exercise. It really worked. Think about what you watch and how it affects you. Everything we take in adds up to the sum total of how we think and feel about life. Control what you see, hear, and read, and you control the way you think about life.

In summary, remember, in order to change your mind's computer programming or to brainwash yourself for success in health and fitness do these things.

1. Absorb as much health and fitness information as possible. Watch videos, read books, magazines, etc.

2.Try to hang with people that have the same health and fitness goals as you do.

3. Focus on your goals. Write them down.

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