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Soda Giant Pay Scientists to Find Other Reasons for Obesity Besides Sugary Diets

 Every scientific study may not be completely unbiased as some studies are funded by giant corporations in order to push an agenda.

According to a blog at the New York Times, Coca-Cola, is backing a new “science-based” solution to the obesity crisis that basically says don't worry about calories just get more exercise. The intent, obviously, is to get people to buy more soda with the false hope they can just work it off. Realistically, about the only way you could work off even one soda a day would be if you were an highly trained athlete or worked outside several hours a day in some vigorous fashion. The average person exercising one to two hours a day is going be fighting a needless battle. Sodas just aren't worth it.

There will likely be some that will bite into this story with the hopes of being able to hold onto their sugary drinks, but, believe me, from my own personal experience, removing soda from your list of drinks makes a huge difference in fat loss over time.

What Coke and other soda giants should be focused on is producing healthier drinks with less sugar, sodium, and all the other potentially harmful ingredients sodas come with. Artificial sweeteners aren't the answer either as they have been shown to cause more weight gain.

I don't go into the soda section when shopping, so I can't say definitely that they haven't done this yet, but why doesn't Coke make more natural drinks with natural sweeteners like stevia. I have found the health food section at Krogers soft drinks sweetened with stevia and without caramel color, an ingredient linked to cancer risk. It's called Zevia. While it's not as healthy as just plain water or tea, it's a definite step in the right direction. The drinks are more expensive, but I think if the big soda giants really put their minds to it, they could actually make some soft drinks that were nearly as fattening and unhealthy as they are currently. The trend of trying to produce a cheaper product over the concerns of health, I think, is starting to play itself out. People are beginning to be more willing to pay more for healthier options.

All that being said, even with the healthiest of sodas with the fewest ingredients, I would not recommend making it a constant habit. There's still nothing better than water or tea. A little lemon or lime juice squeezed into water or tea goes along ways to creating a tasty drink.

Now to be fair, as bad as sodas are to healthy living and losing weight, it's not just sodas. Getting rid of sodas is just a super easy way to eliminate unused calories and weight gain. When it comes down to it, most of the average American's diet is going to cause weight gain. We eat out too much,  and most of the processed foods we eat are still loaded with extra sugar. The only way to really lose fat is eat only foods that you make yourself. It's really as simple as adding fruits and vegetables to a person's diet and eliminating processed foods with added sugar.

There is a definite lesson to Coke's attempt at buying itself some scientific good will. It's this. Don't trust anything you can't prove for yourself. If you are drinking three sodas a day and would like to lose weight, then just stop drinking and don't add any additional sugar to your diet. You should begin to see the weight coming off steadily day to day a little here and there. Now this may not work if you are still eating honey buns and doughnuts throughout the day. If you are still consuming too much sugar from other sources, you'll likely only slow the rate of your fat growth.

I have found that by monitoring my weight on a daily basis, I can get a good idea of what foods cause weight gain and those that don't. It's always best to prove it to yourself. There's nothing like first hand evidence to drive a point home.

When it comes to exercise, remember that typically the average person can never lose fat just through exercise alone. Exercise helps, but it's primary function is really for basic health, muscle, and cardio health. If you eat bad foods in excess though, you could eventually destroy your bodies ability to exercise through excessive weight gain and inflammation.

- Tim the webmaster of Hip2bfit.com

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