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The Most Effective Plan to Quit Smoking

You can quit smoking. It just takes some planning, praying, and preparation.

 I used to smoke more than a decade ago. I smoked for a period of more than a decade before I quit for good. There were times I thought I'd never be able to quit, but through prayer and planning I eventually defeated the worst habit of my life.


The most important  thing to remember is that smoking is part emotional, part chemical dependence, and part mental. In order to beat smoking you have to be completely committed to changing directions in your life.

You must firmly decide you are going to quit and prepare yourself for going cold turkey. I, myself did go through many periods of cutting back and even quitting several times, before I quit the last time, but for me, it was firmly going cold turkey that last time that signaled the actual end of smoking for me.

So decide to quit. Commit to quitting emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Pray about it. I can't think of anything more powerful than committing your desire to quitting smoking to God, both in terms of asking for help and in terms of emotionally and mentally committing yourself to your goal.

Prepare yourself mentally for quitting by constantly reviewing the facts about smoking and how bad it is for your health. Train your brain to hate smoking.

Make other goals to pursue to get your mind off of smoking once you quit. A great goal to pursue would be anything related to health and fitness. It's important to cement a change in direction and health and fitness will take you the exact opposite direction from smoking.

Plan out the best time to quit when you are most likely to be the least stressed. Probably for most it will be the weekend. So if you are off Saturday and Sunday, plan on throwing away your cigarette pack about an hour after you get off of work.

Get the support of family and friends. Tell everyone you may be cranky and stressed for a little while, and ask them to be patient and help you out during this time.

Think ahead of all the places you may come into contact with other smokers and avoid them if at all possible. If your spouse smokes, I suggest you both quit at the same time so that you don't have temptation constantly in your face. I would though, plan on doing other things apart from one another during the weekend as one bit of anger or conflict could cause both of you to reach for a cigarette, and two people trying to quit are likely to both be cranky.

Plan your activities for the weekend out ahead of time. Do some things that are the least stressful, like walking, hiking, going shopping, or play games. Whatever the activity is it should be fun and not extremely demanding physically or mentally. You need to keep your energy and strength level up for the first few days, especially. You'll also need to sleep as much as possible.

Plan out how you will behave at work on Monday. If you normally take a smoke break every couple of hours, plan on snacking on green veggies or nuts instead for your breaks or even just drink a bottle of water.

The key to quitting is to remember you are an addict. You have to keep your addiction as far away as possible. Remember this, as simple as it sounds, if you do not buy cigarettes then you can't smoke them. Do not have a pack lying around for emergencies because you will convince yourself that there is an emergency. Once you realize subconsciously that you cannot have a smoke, your mind will begin to adapt to other coping mechanisms.

Keep in mind that cigarettes do not actually relieve stress. They cause stress to the body making your heart beat faster and your breathing labored. Smoking only relieves the stress of the nicotine addiction temporarily until the next craving.

The longer you go without a cigarette the farther you are along to quitting for good. Just do not allow yourself an out. Do not give yourself a circumstance in the back of your mind where smoking is allowed. When you quit, you must commit 100 percent toward that goal. Eventually, you'll think less and less about smoking. Occasionally,  you might get a brief temptation, but should be able to dismiss it easily over time. You may even have the occasional dream about smoking, but just be thankful when you wake up, that it was just a nightmare.

Eventually, you'll begin to hate the smell of cigarettes. Your sense of smell will return after being numbed by smoking, and you'll smell them a mile away. Once you reach this stage, just keep in mind, even though you have licked smoking, you can never just have one for old times sake, or one just to be sociable. You still have the potential to become re-addicted if you were to have even that one cigarette.

Keeping in mind how addictive cigarettes are will keep you from becoming re-addicted ever again.

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