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Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Intermittent Fasting Benefits and Problems

Hip to Be Square Hip to Be Fit Hilarious Video!

Fun Themed Workouts!

Good News doing yard work can actually be a good thing.

How to get a good night's sleep
Having trouble sleeping at night? Here's a few tips that might help you get a little more rest at night.

How to Quit Smoking

How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

Timing Meals for Fat Loss

Best Foods to Eat Before Lifting Weights

How to shop healthy: a shopping guide

We wanted to show what kinds of foods to look for in pursuit of better health and developing great action hero abs! I tried to add as much nutritional information as I could in this short video. Hopefully, you will find it helpful not just for purchasing foods that benefit in building muscle and losing weight, but also in improving overall health for you and your family.

Dangers of MSG Video Reports We have a video report from Reluctantly Healthy and a special 4 part CBN News video that discusses how to avoid MSG in your food, and what MSG does to harm your health.  

Shoulder Exercise Technique Videos

It's important to get the right technique down with any exercise. This page features shoulder workouts from guys who have really built up their own and want to share their techniques through these videos.


Bench Press Technique Videos

It's important to use proper technique when bench pressing to not only get the most power, but to also avoid injury.

Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's
Can coconut oil help fight against Alzheimer's? It's a special video report from CBN News. This video from CBN discusses how coconut oil may hold the key to slowing down Alzheimer's as well as other diseases and conditions caused by insulin resistance such as diabetes, dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and autism.

The Science of Steroids Video

Find out what steroids do to the body both good and bad including the muscle gains, but the heart attacks, strokes, and cancerous tumors.

Proper technique for curls with Kai Greene

Example of Great Fitness - See Spider-man Stuntman jump off of roof tops!

Where's the Blueberries? The blueberries found in blueberry bagels, cereals, breads and muffins are REAL blueberries right? Wrong!

Jack LaLanne Dateline Interview at Age 80

How to do a Push Up

Man Told He Would Never Walk Again Runs



The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno Lou Ferrigno portrayed the Incredible Hulk on television every week in the late 1970s, and TV movies in the 1980s. He's a big inspiration to me as he crosses the lines between two of my favorite hobbies, weightlifting and comic books. He started weight lifting at age 13. His role model was body builder and Hercules star Steve Reeves. He's won IFBB Mr. America, IFBB Mr. Universe, came second and third in the Mr. Olympia competition, and second in the Masters Olympia. His favorite superheroes as a child were Spider-man and the Hulk of course. Lou Ferrigno Weightlifting TipsTae Bo DVDs a Fun Way to Exercise - Tae Bo is a great way to work on balance, flexibility, and burning off extra calories.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout Hugh Jackman likes to take his workouts a lot like you'd imagine Wolverine would, that is with a huge amount of just plain ferocity.

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Workout Robert Downey Jr. had to gain 20 lbs for his role in Iron Man. He dropped down to 151 lbs for Sherlock Holmes and bulked right back up for Iron Man II. Found out what kind of exercises an Iron Man performs.

Older Body Builders Who Stay in Shape Into their 70's and Beyond See video of body builders in their 70s and beyond working out. See one lady in her 70's push more weight than men in their 20's.

Humpty Dumpty Health Book
Humpty Dumpty's Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids

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What does the Bible have to say about health and fitness?

 Buy Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness
Find out how following Biblical principles can give you a longer healthier life, plus lists of super foods, discussions on exercise, the obesity epidemic, how to lose weight the right way and keep it off, organic verses conventional, and lots more.

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to get into shape and stay that way with recipes, motivation, exercise tips, and detailed information on the best foods to eat.

Never Quit
The complete title of the book is "Never Quit The Back to Basics Fitness Guide ". It takes you through the four major categories or steps to a healthier and happier you. It's not a short term gimmicky program that we see a lot of these days.

Superhero Fitness


Action Hero Abs!