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How to Beat a Soft Drink Addiction

The first thing I need to point out is that soft drinks and processed sugary drinks and meals are addicting. It's the kind of addiction that allows the addict to pat himself on the back and smile because society doesn't condemn that addiction like cigarette smoking and alcoholism. The sad thing people don't realize is that the sugar addiction is just as dangerous as those other addictions and for some people worse. Need convincing here's what drinking a soft drink does to your body.

The biggest source of sugar in the world right now for the average person are soft drinks, and they are difficult to quit, but not impossible. I myself used to drink several cokes a day. I was practically raised on soft drinks. I guess my parents didn't see the harm in it, and when you are younger you can get away with it, or so it seems, if you are very active the way kids used to be. Of course, the sugar causes internal health issues not necessarily seen on the outside right away, but these days, with the lack of activity and increased sugar intake, we see those effects readily on kids and adults. Even if you are very active you can reap great benefits by ditching the soft drink habit. Sugar causes inflammation, which is the enemy of health and can really hold you back in the gym.

Once I quit drinking soft drinks I lost weight gradually and have kept it off without a lot of effort, at least at this point in my life. Sugar sabotages a person's efforts to lose weight. I think a lot of fat we attribute to being older has more to do with soft drinks and other sources of processed sugar. Assuming you agree and really want to make that change in life for a healthier thinner you, here are some tips for ditching the soft drink habit. One more thing though - diet drinks are no better. Studies show those drinking diet drinks gradually gain more weight than those drinking the real thing. Basically remember, if it ain't natural, it ain't going to work for you.

My Tips for Replacing Soft Drinks

Always when you are ditching some bad habit in your life it makes it much easier if you replace it with something good.


Tea is my favorite drink these days. Growing up I couldn't stand the stuff, but as particular as I am I now, I find that tea can be quite tasty. Brew your own. Do not buy the processed kind with sugar already added.



1. To make tea fun to drink, try the all the various flavors like green tea with pomegranate or other various berry flavors. There are also lots of non-caffeinated teas of various flavors to try.

2. Now if you need some added flavor try squeezing the juice from a lemon or lime, of which the sugar and fructose content is very low, into your glass .

3. Still need more sweetness? Try Stevia; it's completely natural and doesn't have all the bad effects of the fructose and all the chemicals in soft drinks.

There are many teas to try, so don't assume because you might not like straight up green tea you don't like all the rest.

Lemon and or Lime Water

1. Just as you can add a little lemon or lime, or both, to your tea, you can also add it to just plain water for a great, fun, healthy drink.

2. Again, if you really need a sweet drink, add some Stevia, but personally I don't like to overdo it. I try to keep it to one or two packs a day. Sometimes I use two to three packs for an entire jug of tea for instance.


Get a Water Filter at Amazon

There is nothing better for you in the world than just plain water. I recommend getting a filter and making tap water high on your list. I know it's not quite as fun, but stick in there a few times a day. Eventually, you lose the taste for soft drinks, and seriously you figure out that life does not revolve around sugar drinks, especially once you figure out the high cost of soft drinks to your body and your bank account.

Second Overall Strategy

Here's what I did when I was quitting cokes. I told myself I could have a coke whenever I wanted one, just not at home. Now, I work from home so it's a little different for me. If you drink soft drinks all day at work, this isn't going to help you, but the basic idea is to not bring soft drinks home, even if you have to spend more for those smaller containers. It's about making that Coke or Pepsi a special event like for a Christmas party or a trip to town on the weekend. It's good to remember that soft drinks will still be there, you don't have to panic. After a while you will lose your taste for soft drinks and you'll never miss them. Heaven forbid you might actually prefer the taste of water, in time, to that chemical sugared down soup we call soft drinks.

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