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Which Beaches are the Cleanest or Dirtiest?

The Bible and Your Health

Does science back up the Bible's claims that obeying God equates to better health or longer life?

Why I Wrote Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness
What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise has a whole lot of great health benefits. Check out our list.

Melanoma Risk May Be Genetic for Redheads
Is it possible the color of your hair could be an indication of skin cancer risk?

Pepsi that fights fat? Is there really a such a thing as a soft drink that can help people lose weight?

Does Protein Help with Weight Loss?
New study says, dieters who eat meals and snacks high in protein might lose a bit more weight than those who get less protein and more carbohydrates.

Are Low Carb Diets Good or Bad?
Studies are saying low carb diets beat other diets for weight loss potential, but what are the health risks? I give my view on what type of diet I think is better.  - Tim the Hip2bfit webmaster

Failure Is a Choice. Choose Health and Fitness.
I'm sure everyone has heard the old saying, "Failure is not an option", or is it?
Take a look at what's in the new book, "Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness" How does the Bible relate to health and fitness, organic vs conventional, how to lose weight the healthy way, and lots more.

Proper technique for curls with Kai Greene

Our spotlight on broccoli a vegetable with a ton of vitamins and minerals.

Example of Great Fitness - See Spider-man Stuntman jump off of roof tops!

Reduce Risk for Prostate Cancer - a list of recommendations to lower risk of prostate cancer.

The Science of Steroids Video

Find out what steroids do to the body both good and bad including the muscle gains, but the heart attacks, strokes, and cancerous tumors.

Coconut Oil Study Shows Waist Reduction in Women
A study has shown that dietary supplementation with coconut oil may result in a reduction in waist circumference and other benefits.

A randomized, double-blind clinical trial of 40 women divided them into two groups -- one that received daily dietary supplements of soybean oil (group S) and another than received a similar amount of coconut oil (group C). Both groups were instructed to follow a balanced hypocaloric diet and to walk for 50 minutes each day

New Study Shows Using Statins Actually Worsens Your Heart Function A new article from Doctor Mercola may make you question the wisdom of taking aspirin on a daily basis.

Moisturizers May Cause Tumors Another report by Doctor Mercola.

Dolph Lundgren Workout Video - Rocky IV fans check out this page for a video workout by none other than Ivan Drago himself Dolph Lundgren.

It doesn't include a fight with this guy.

Health and Fitness Good for Marriage - My thoughts on the subject of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to a marriage.

What is the Classic Physique according to Steve Reeves posted by Nick -

Also related posts - Ab training, power walking, and
what was the frequency of weight training Steve Reeves followed?

Taylor Lautner's Ab Workout Get abs like that Twilight werewolf guy.

List of Sunscreens to use or avoid this summer

Benefits of Astaxanthin - According to Doctor Mercola astaxanthin is great for the skin protecting us from sun damage, and says studies show it may actually reduce wrinkles.

Glowing Gadgets Hurt Sleep

How to Avoid Kidney Stones

Perfect Plan to Lose Weight It's almost too simple, but some may not think so.

Best Defense Against Arthritis

The Best and Healthiest Egg to Eat

What the egg industry analyst say. What do the studies show are the healthiest eggs. How the diet of a chicken makes all the difference, and can you trust that "free range" really means "free range" eggs?

Walnuts Listed as Drugs by the FDA?
As unbelievable as it sounds, current law makes it illegal for food producers to share certain types of scientific information with you.

So when Diamond Food relayed health information about the omega-3 fats in walnuts on product packaging and also on their Web site, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) attacked.

If a Food Can Prevent a Disease, it Must be a Drug

How to beat a soft drink addiction

Here's what drinking a soft drink does to your body. Here are some tips to help you kick the coke habit and still be happy.

 Get the facts on calcium. A recent study shows an increase in heart attacks for those taking calcium supplements. The same study also found that people who consume a moderate amount of calcium in their diet—820 mg daily—had a 31 percent lower risk of heart attacks than those who consumed the least calcium.

Sugar may hurt your brain
More bad news for lovers of sugar.  A new study from US scientists showed how a steady diet of high-fructose corn syrup could sap the memories of lab rats.


Man Told He Would Never Walk Again Runs
You have to see this video about a man who couldn't walk take charge of his life, lose weight, and regain the ability to balance and move his legs again and even run.

Are you a slave to food? More and more people are addicted to junk food and wind up slaves to food instead of the master of food.

Chemicals to avoid and how to clean your home safely without harmful chemicals.

Problems with Mercury in Fillings
Mercury fillings are quick and easy to put in. It isn't that composite materials cost more—they just take longer to make. Not only can dentists buzz through a lot of mercury amalgam fillings each day, but these amalgams also require the destruction of quite a lot of good tooth matter, which sets you up for more dental problems down the road… meaning, more dental work, including root canals. It's the gift that keeps on giving, from a dentist's perspective.

Fewer patients coming through the door each day isn't the only issue striking fear in the heart of your mercury-loving dentist. Many dentists are also wary of the possibility that thousands, if not millions, of lawsuits could arise if they—or the FDA—admitted to the damage mercury amalgams have done to public health. Litigation and class action lawsuits could deliver an incapacitating blow to the dental industry. read more

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

When you think of body fat you most likely think of cellulite and love handles (subcutaneous fat), but there's another type of fat in your body that is much less visible and actually far more dangerous.

Unlike subcutaneous fat that lies just under your skin and is noticeable, visceral fat lies in your abdominal cavity, under the abdominal muscle, and often surrounds your vital organs. read more

The Cancer Treatments of Steve Jobs
Here's a article by Dr. Mercola on Steve Jobs, his treatments, and alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer. It includes an interview with a Dr. Gonzalez a cancer specialists.

Steve Jobs died at 56 years old last week from complications of pancreatic cancer. Steve was the charismatic pioneer and innovative co-founder of Apple who transformed personal use of technology as well as entire industries with products such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh computer and the iTunes music store.


Juicing Benefits1.Juicing helps you absorb most of the nutrients from the vegetables. This is important because most of us have impaired digestion as a result of making less-than-optimal food choices over many years. This limits your body's ability to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. Juicing will help to "pre-digest" them for you, so you will receive most of the nutrition, rather than having it go down the toilet.

2.Juicing allows you to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner. If you are a carb type, you should eat one pound of raw vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight per day. Some people may find eating that many vegetables difficult, but it can be easily accomplished with a quick glass of vegetable juice.  read more


Almonds the Healthy Snack

A study sought to evaluate the effect of an almond-enriched low-calorie diet on body composition and metabolism in a weight reduction program. The results showed that supplementation with almonds, in contrast to complex carbohydrates, was associated with greater reductions in weight and BMI, waist circumference, fat mass, total body water and systolic blood pressure.

That's the good news, but there's bad news too. All of almonds in North America are pasteurized and some may use propylene oxide which is a highly toxic flammable chemical compound, once used as a racing fuel. Read more.

Cut Down On Carbs to Reduce Body Fat

Even a modest reduction in consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods may promote loss of deep belly fat. This could help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, stroke and coronary artery disease.

Excess visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat) raises the risk of these diseases.  more

Facts on Acid Reflux some thoughts from Doctor Mercola on acid reflux one of which that taking antacids in the long run actually makes acid reflux worse, and a recommendation to slowly get off antacids.


Has the FDA Suppressed a Cure For Cancer? According to Doctor Mercola they have.

Vitamin D and Your Teeth
Studies have linked geographical variations in dental health and tooth loss to lack of sun exposure.

Is Coffee Good for You? by Doctor Mercola

Benefits of Garlic Doctor Mercola talks about the many potential benefits of eating garlic. Garlic has been treasured for its medicinal properties for centuries. In ancient times, Greek and Roman soldiers ate garlic before going off to war, and it was reportedly given to the slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids in order to enhance their strength and endurance.

Study Shows More Education Equals More Exercise Study shows the more highly educated a person is the more likely they are to exercise regulary, and the less likely they are to have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic health problems such as back pain, kidney and liver disease or migraine headaches.

Music Increases Exercise Performance by 15% A new study published in The Sport and Exercise Scientist found that responses to certain music may have an enhancement effect by either reducing perceptions of fatigue or increasing work capacity with higher than expected levels of endurance, power, productivity or strength.

Why eggs are good for you. Once denounced as terrible for your health due to cholesterol now eggs are on the comeback trail.

Benefits of Cumin
The popular spice cumin has a long history of medicinal use. It has been used to treat various symptoms including diarrhea, flatulence, gynecological, and respiratory diseases. But a new study looked at a different effect of cumin -- its ability to enhance memory and relieve stress.

How to Fight Dust Mite Allergies

Like a lot of Americans I found myself facing bad allergies especially in the middle of the night. After going to an allergy doctor and having an allergy test done I was told I was allergic to dust mites.

Allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma. Studies have shown the mean attributable fraction of adult asthma due to atopic sensitization was 30% and 18% for sensitization to dust mites.  Read more


CBS Reports Sugar is Toxic
A recent study supports the idea that excess consumption of high fructose corn syrup is linked to an increase in risk factors for heart disease by increasing a type of cholesterol that can clog arteries. The University of California, Davis, study also indicated that calories from added sugars are different than those from other foods. Subjects had 25 percent of their caloric intake replaced with sweetened drinks. Nutritional biologist Kimber Stanhope was surprised to see that after only two weeks, "We found that the subjects who consumed high fructose corn syrup had increased levels of LDL cholesterol and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease," she tells Gupta. "I started eating and drinking a whole lot less sugar." read more

Aspartame Unsafe But FDA-Approved?

Americans drink more soda than anyone else on the planet -- well over 700 eight-ounce servings each year, on average, and an increasing amount of it is diet soda.

They might be more reluctant to do so if they knew about the safety questions still surrounding aspartame. A number of scientists responding expressed major concerns about aspartame's safety at the time of its approval, and even more indicated areas where they believed more research is needed on aspartame to resolve their concerns -- research on areas such as neurological functions, brain tumors, seizures, headaches, and adverse effects on children and pregnant women.

Mushrooms are a low-calorie food usually eaten raw or cooked to provide garnish to a meal. Raw dietary mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins, such as riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid, and the essential minerals, selenium, copper and potassium. Fat, carbohydrate and calorie content are low, with absence of vitamin C and sodium. more about Mushrooms.

Top 5 Health Tips
Here's a top five list of health tips to help you get started toward a healthier lifestyle or to serve as a reminder of healthy living ideas you may have forgotten.

Here's a hint you can do at least three of the tips maybe four at the same time if you were next to this palm tree right now.

Yes a vacation is a great healthy idea, but don't eat out the whole time or there go all the healthy benefits. Read the list to see what the tips are.

The No Diet Diet Called the Replacement Diet  If your 10lbs overweight, 20lbs, 100lbs, ask how did I get here. Taking a wild guess your first idea might be that you didn't exercise enough, and you ate too much. So some of you might start exercising which is great, but isn't enough in and of itself necessarily. It's part of the equation. A lot of you will go on a bread and water diet of some kind and lose weight rapidly only to go back to your normal eating habits that put you in the place where you needed a diet in the first place. This time of course since your body is trying to compensate for your starvation diet decides to conserve another 10 lbs.

A Motivation tip using photos to help you in losing weight.

The Sugar Addiction
Just go shopping at Wal-Mart and it becomes pretty evident that a lot of folks are addicted to sugar. Some of them may not even realize they are. Maybe even with all of today's health news and information circulating the web, television, and radio people don't realize that the main cause of obesity is sugar. It's not fat that makes people huge, it's sugar.  Read more on the Sugar Addiction


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