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Older Body Builders Who Stay in Shape Into their 70's and Beyond

The video below shows an amazing mother and daughter team, ages 73 and 44, from a Ripley's Believe it or Not segment hosted by Dean Cain.  The mother lifted 270 lbs on a leg press machine for 20 reps. Young guys in the gym at the time couldn't match her. According to the video the girls have never take steroids. You can see the type of foods they eat in the video. So stop making excuses. Do you want to have a good body? Then unless you have a medical issue that prevents you from doing so, start already.  Get with your doctor and make sure you're fit to start, and join a gym already. If you already belong to a gym and workout then this video should really motivate you to keep going.


The exciting thing about this video to me is that it shows a person doesn't have to just give up trying as they get older and rust. You can look 100 times better at 73 if you keep working out than if you just lay there and mope. I think a lot of people give up exercising once they believe they can no longer workout at the same pace as easily as they could in their younger years, but that's the worst way to look at it. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is a journey not a destination. Fitness and health can be a one step up two steps back sometimes, but then if you keep plugging away there will be those days and weeks when it's two steps up and only one step back. Nobody ever said life was easy so why should we expect health and fitness to be handed to us. It's not. It takes hard work and determination. Yes, it's a lot like a Rocky movie. It's you against you. Do you keep fighting or lay down on the couch and die a slow painful death from old age. Exercise can add years to your life, and vitality, but you have to take it. It's not going to be handed to you on a silver platter. Take whatever health God has blessed you with and be a good steward of your body.  There is a lot of truth to God helps those that help themselves. It's the basic principle that a man shouldn't even expect to eat if he doesn't work for it. You can't expect to have a great healthy physique by watching TV all day and night or sitting at a computer desk.

Some more older inspirations for fitness. Here's a video clip of an 86 year old woman.

Here's some old men bodybuilders in their 70's still going at it.

and 71 Year Old Bodybuilder Jim Shaffer

Article by Hip2bfit.com webmaster

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