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Nutri Ninja Review

 The Nutri Ninja 2-in-1

I love the Nutri Ninja. The version that we use is the 2-in-1 and it's awesome! Before we used to juice, but using the Ninja food blender is actually turning out to be a lot easier, and I think healthier in the long run.

What I like to do is make smoothies with the Ninja right after a workout. I add some whey protein powder, blueberries, pitted cherries, and either some water or berry tea. The Ninja cuts it up and mixes it to a great tasting power treat that can refuel your muscles with glycogen and protein in a hurry.

With this blender you don't waste any of the pulp like we have with juicers in the past. When you take out the pulp, like you do with juicers, you lose the fiber. Fiber is essential to help the body limit the absorption of sugar. This way by blending instead of juicing you get the sweet taste, but you also get all of the important nutrients and fiber that makes fruit far superior to processed foods.

Again, you can make a perfect treat to refuel with after a workout. It's easy to make the perfect delivery system of vitamins, nutrients, and protein. Use whey protein as the body can use it the fastest. With this there's really no excuse for anyone to not eat healthy.

Another great selling point I like is that with juicers we had in the past it took forever to clean, but this super easy and fast to clean.

I also like to put organic apples in the mix, but first you'll need to cut out the core and make sure you don't get any apple seeds in your smoothie. Apple seeds are actually poisonous, believe it, or not.

Of course, there's a million different combinations of various fruits and vegetables you can use, and finding your favorite combinations is just part of the fun.

Smoothies are obviously great for losing weight, but of course I wouldn't over do it, but then if it's a choice between processed foods with added sugar I definitely, recommend eating another smoothie. The best way to lose weight is to replace bad foods with good. The great thing about eating real fruit is that even though it's got sugar, it doesn't have the addictive qualities that you get processed foods that lack fiber and often contain chemicals.

You can add greens into the mix of course, which lowers the amount of sugar you get, obviously, and cranks up the amount of nutrients your body takes in drastically.

This can make eating healthy fun and help you switch out your junk food for real food over time. It's definitely, a great first step in the right direction.


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