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Beware of Antibiotics in Chicken

When you shop for chicken or turkey make sure you buy the kind without antibiotics if at all possible, but don't get ripped off by paying more for chicken just because it says boldly on the package "no hormones or steroids". I grabbed a pack of chicken like that the other day, and it was only on closer inspection that I realized reading further down that all poultry is prohibited by the federal government from having steroids and hormones. It's antibiotics you have to worry about.

According to the LA Times, it's been illegal to treat poultry with hormones since the 1950s. "And they were never, ever used in turkeys," says Francine Bradley, extension poultry specialist in the Animal Science Department at UC Davis.

Why beware of antibiotics in food?

 Giving livestock too much antibiotics can backfire, creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

The New York Times reported this really shocking statistic, the state of North Carolina uses more antibiotics for livestock production than the entire United States uses for humans. Chickens, cattle and hogs are fed antibiotics, not on a case-specific basis to treat disease, but indiscriminately to make them grow faster -- which increases profit margins for livestock producers -- and prevent disease from teeming in filthy conditions. Industrial farmers literally add antibiotics to livestock's food and water, so they are all medicated.

According to Doctor Mercola's site

Antibiotic resistance is not isolated to a few obscure bacteria. It is a very real and growing problem. Antibiotic-resistant infections actually now claim more lives each year than the "modern plague" of AIDS, and cost the American health care system some $20 billion a year!

There is also the danger of killing the good bacteria in our guts by ingesting antibiotics into our systems via the food we eat. Good bacteria is necessary for good health and digestion of our foods. So read the label carefully, and go organic as much as possible with all foods. Make sure your poultry is antibiotic free!

Posted by Tim Frady the Hip2bfit.com webmaster

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