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Health and Fitness Good for Marriage

I was just thinking the other day how important health and fitness is to every aspect of our lives and especially marriage. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to a marriage.

1.Healthy people are happier people, and happy people get along together a lot better than depressed out of shape grumps. It's true a lot of doctors believe eating unhealthy foods leads to depression and anxiety, which is a combination best left out of a marriage.

2. Married couples that exercise together share adventures together. Fitness, as those of us that get into it know, can be a lot of fun and adventure. Going biking, swimming, walking, hiking, etc. are the most fun when done with someone you love. Sharing moments and memories is a great way to build the bond with your spouse. Think of going hiking on a trail in the mountains with your spouse verses both of you sitting on separate computers all day, and then imagine the difference in your relationship. Walking is a good tension releaser and a pleasant time to talk to your spouse. There's no better time than when you're walking to relax and shoot the breeze.

3. Married couples that work out are obviously going to be more fit, and having better skin, being trimmer, and having the positive outlook on life a healthy lifestyle can give can only serve to make you and your mate more attracted to one another which can't hurt a marriage.

4. It's easier to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle when both a husband and wife are on the same page about health and fitness. Quitting smoking, for instance, is a nightmare when a husband and a wife both smoke. You have two crabby addicts living together, and as soon as one gives in to smoke, the other follows almost immediately. Just as a bad habit between two people is harder to get rid of, so is a good habit easier to start when two people work as a team to begin that new change in their lives. Just like the cigarette example imagine your spouse eating doughnuts in front of you. Now what are the odds of you not eating one? Not very good. Now imagine everyone in your home eating fruit. What are you most likely to eat?

So if your spouse isn't into health fitness should you give up? No way, be a good example. Go shopping together and only pick foods for yourself that are healthy, and carefully suggest healthy alternatives for your spouse's choices. Leading by example works in the long run even though it may take more will power on your part. If your the cook in the home you have it made. Just cook good healthy food. Remember, as important as exercise is there is no substitute for a healthy diet. Diet is where it all starts.

Start the trend toward health and fitness in your home for your family's sake if not just your own. It really isn't as hard as you may think. There's a healthy substitute for every super fat filled sugared up piece of processed garbage you can think of.

Yogurt, nuts and berries to replace ice cream for example. Put some kale in the oven with a little salt to replace potato chips, and on and on. It only takes a little thought and effort and you'll soon realize your food actually tastes better while doing more for your body.

Go have fun with your spouse. Get out of the house and go do something. It doesn't take money to go walk around the park, and its benefits could be priceless, and if it's raining put in a exercise video or go to the gym. Be active and have fun in life!

by the Tim the webmaster

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