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Get Mad and Healthy!
Yes, you heard me. Get mad and get to working out. Sometimes, a person can just be too passive. The key is knowing how to use anger to fuel you into a positive direction. Anger is a tool and like any tool, it can hurt or help if it's used correctly.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits and Problems

Effective Home Remedy for Kidney Stones

How to Brainwash Yourself to Healthier You

The Most Effective Plan to Quit Smoking
If you're a smoker you can quit smoking. It just takes some planning, praying, and preparation.

Never Quit the new Health and Fitness Book from Tim Frady

The complete title of the book is "Never Quit The Back to Basics Fitness Guide ". It takes you through the four major categories or steps to a healthier and happier you. It's not a short term gimmicky program that we see a lot of these days. There's nothing flashy here, just a very simple straightforward approach to health and fitness. "Never Quit" takes the basic fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and puts it in a easy to understand format for everyone.

How to get a good night's sleep
Having trouble sleeping at night? Here's a few tips that might help you get a little more rest at night.

What does the Bible have to say about health and fitness?
It’s remarkable how many Biblical principles affect health and longer life expectancy, like the need to work, being content, and not worrying. The Bible also has a lot to say about over eating.

Gilad Workouts Great for Beginners on DVD
When it comes to what a beginner, or someone who hasn't worked out for quite a while, needs in a workout DVD, the first series that comes to mind is from the health and fitness star, Gilad Janklowicz. Gilad is the star of the long running health and fitness show, Bodies in Motion which started in 1983 and ran to 1996 on ESPN and from 1996 to 2002 on Fox Sports.

Food can be medicine or poison to your body
Food can either be a useful medicine to our body or a form of slow killing poison

Doctor Mercola on Mercury
Dr. Mercola recently posted a new article on mercury in dentistry. Mercola is opposed to using mercury for fillings.

Is it a sin to not live a healthy lifestyle?
Does God want us to eat healthy and exercise?

Did the latest study on fish oil cause you concern? Then you definitely need to read this.
Debunking Study that claims omega-3 fats raise prostate cancer risk

Heartburn Facts If you suffer from heartburn, or if you eat a lot of junk food, you may want to check out this page. It's the facts just the facts, oh, and one parody heartburn commercial thrown in free of charge.

Liver health facts
Did you know that too much sugar can be just as harmful to the liver as alcohol?

The United States of Depression?
Psychologist Offers 4 Tips for Maintaining Balance in Difficult Times

Confirmed: Heart Problems Linked to SSRI Antidepressants
Another article from the Dr. Mercola website on antidepressants. You know watching commercials for antidepressants and a lot of other medications can be quite scary when they get to the side effects which make it sound a lot riskier than the problems they are supposed to be addressing.

Live a little?
Why does that little phrase always come before we are advised to do something unhealthy?

Melanoma Risk May Be Genetic for Redheads
Is it possible the color of your hair could be an indication of skin cancer risk?


The Bible and Your Health

Does science back up the Bible's claims that obeying God equates to better health or longer life?

Why I Wrote Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness
Take a look at what's in the new book, "Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness" How does the Bible relate to health and fitness, organic vs conventional, how to lose weight the healthy way, and lots more.

Chemicals to avoid and how to clean your home safely without harmful chemicals.

Problems with Mercury in Fillings
Mercury fillings are quick and easy to put in. It isn't that composite materials cost more—they just take longer to make. Not only can dentists buzz through a lot of mercury amalgam fillings each day, but these amalgams also require the destruction of quite a lot of good tooth matter, which sets you up for more dental problems down the road… meaning, more dental work, including root canals. It's the gift that keeps on giving, from a dentist's perspective.

The Cancer Treatments of Steve Jobs
Here's a article by Dr. Mercola on Steve Jobs, his treatments, and alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer. It includes an interview with a Dr. Gonzalez a cancer specialists.

Reduce Risk for Prostate Cancer - a list of recommendations to lower risk of prostate cancer.

Reasons to Quit Smoking
Lots of reasons to quit like wrinkles, shortened lifespan, hurts your family's health, causes difficulties thinking, hurts your hearing, heart disease, cancer and on and on, and don't forget about the 4,0000 different chemicals in cigarettes. Read more

Natural ways to fight allergies find out ways to lower your allergy symptoms.

New Study Shows Using Statins Actually Worsens Your Heart Function A new article from Doctor Mercola may make you question the wisdom of taking aspirin on a daily basis.

Moisturizers May Cause Tumors Another report by Doctor Mercola.

Facts on Acid Reflux some thoughts from Doctor Mercola on acid reflux one of which that taking antacids in the long run actually makes acid reflux worse, and a recommendation to slowly get off antacids.

Has the FDA Suppressed a Cure For Cancer? According to Doctor Mercola they have.

Vitamin D and Your Teeth
Studies have linked geographical variations in dental health and tooth loss to lack of sun exposure.

How to Fight Dust Mite Allergies

Like a lot of Americans I found myself facing bad allergies especially in the middle of the night. After going to an allergy doctor and having an allergy test done I was told I was allergic to dust mites.

Allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma. Studies have shown the mean attributable fraction of adult asthma due to atopic sensitization was 30% and 18% for sensitization to dust mites.  Read more


Vitamin D Facts
Doctors are changing their minds about getting out in the sun. Getting sun exposure a few minutes a day at least 3 times a week can be very healthy. Vitamin D deficiency is being linked to a host of diseases that might be prevented with proper sun exposure, supplements, or fortified meals.

Top 5 Health Tips
Here's a top five list of health tips to help you get started toward a healthier lifestyle or to serve as a reminder of healthy living ideas you may have forgotten.

Here's a hint you can do at least three of the tips maybe four at the same time if you were next to this palm tree right now.

Yes a vacation is a great healthy idea, but don't eat out the whole time or there go all the healthy benefits. Read the list to see what the tips are.

Psyllium for digestive health with video commentary from Doctor Mercola.

Aluminum in Antiperspirants May Be Unhealthy

6 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer's and Dementia

Walmart vows to get healthy

Best Way to Take Supplements - A discussion on some do's and don'ts' in taking supplements.

Baldness Drug Risks Men's Sexual Health -  according to Doctor Mercola the drug Propecia does more than just restore hair, and it's not a good thing.

Drugs vs Lifestyle Changes - I was reading this interesting article from Dr. Mercola about the use of drugs vs making healthy lifestyle changes. It's without a doubt that common sense dictates if you can be healthier without pills you should go that route first. It's like watching a Saturday Night Live skit every time they show a new drug commercial. You know what I mean. At the end they go through the huge list of side effects like: headaches, nausea, bloating, vomiting, sleeplessness, acne, and in some cases even death. I swear I've heard them say that before. more

 "More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette" Yes, this was TV ad in 1949. See it for yourself. Believe it or not.

Dangers of Giving Antibiotics to Farm Animals  Animals in factory farms are given doses of antibiotics -- both to keep them alive in stressful, unsanitary conditions, and to make them grow faster. The practice leads to new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as the now-widespread form of staph (MRSA) known as ST398.

Latest Fish Oil Supplement Findings

Cold Remedies A list of ways to fight a cold that are more natural and more affordable than pricey, over-the-counter medicines.

Problems with Distilled Water  During distillation, water is boiled and evaporated away from its dissolved minerals, and then the vapor is condensed and the resulting water droplets collected. Distilled water is an active absorber, and when it makes contact with air, it quickly absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes acidic.

Unhealthy Additives You Need to Avoid A top ten list of additives thought to cause a number of issues ranging from just plain bad cholesterol levels to cancer.

Death from Heart attacks down, but procedures up!

Strongest Cities of 2010 What cities did Muscle Fitness magazine pick as the top fitness spots. Give you a hint. Tennessee didn't have any in the list.

Steps To Fight Inflammation Some quick tips on lowering pain and inflammation.

Healthy Blood Pressure
In North America 1 in 5 adults have hypertension. After age 65 the number increases to 1 in every 2 with only half of these cases being treated. In blood pressure there are two numbers. The higher number is the systolic blood pressure which is the pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle is contracting and pumping blood into the arteries. The optimum level is around 120 mm or less. The second number is called diastolic blood pressure which comes in at 80 mm or less. High numbers indicate strong possibilities of disease.

Osteoporosis facts and prevention for women and men
To prevent osteoporosis weight lifting, resistance training, and getting calcium and vitamin D is crucial.

Get to sleep for good health article written by Doctor Mercola

Acid reflux causes and solutions About half of us have it, but what causes it, and how can we combat it?

Obesity Surgery and Its Problems
This is a great article by Doctor Mercola about the issues surrounding obesity surgery.

No Excuse on not Getting in Shape
America is getting more obese every year. Even our children are becoming dangerously obese, even though we are more self conscious over our appearance.

Stress and Our Health
What does stress do to our bodies, and what can you do to combat stress in your life. Read it now.

Fluoride Bad For Our Health
Could fluoride in our drinking water be hurting our health? Some doctors think so.

Changes attributed to Aging
With improved healthcare and knowledge of important exercise and diets Americans are living longer these days. That is unless of course you factor in the obesity epidemic. All things considered then a person has a much greater chance of living a longer life than most of our parents and grandparents had. Today a greater percentage of Americans are 65 or older than in previous generations. We explore some the physical issues we all may face as we get older. Read more

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Humpty Dumpty Health Book
Humpty Dumpty's Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids

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What does the Bible have to say about health and fitness?

 Buy Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness
Find out how following Biblical principles can give you a longer healthier life, plus lists of super foods, discussions on exercise, the obesity epidemic, how to lose weight the right way and keep it off, organic verses conventional, and lots more.

Order this book at Amazon today
to get into shape and stay that way with recipes, motivation, exercise tips, and detailed information on the best foods to eat.

Never Quit
The complete title of the book is "Never Quit The Back to Basics Fitness Guide ". It takes you through the four major categories or steps to a healthier and happier you. It's not a short term gimmicky program that we see a lot of these days.

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