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Liberalism and Fitness Do not Mix

Anytime you discuss anything remotely political you run the risk of making someone angry. Most of the time you make both sides angry. You're either not conservative enough, or you're not liberal enough. Half the time the people you agree with get angry with you just for the principle of the thing. So, it would be no surprise to me, if I angered both liberals and conservatives with this article, but I think the message herein needs to be said on a regular basis over and over again until liberals and conservatives both get it.

The basic gist of it is this, liberalism at its basic core is reliance on government to do everything for us. The problem is, when it comes down to it, the government cannot lift weights for you. The government can make recommendations on food, but at the moment, anyway, they can't force us to eat healthy food choices. They can make health care more expensive as in my particular case. As a man who works for himself, I've seen my health coverage go up in price with less actual coverage in the last few years. Of course, I thank Obama for that, but I will admit there will be somebody out there reading this, who will say they couldn't make it without Obamacare, just not the majority of us. Most of us are paying more for less.

I recently got a letter from my insurance company suggesting that in a few months my insurance was going up again and I could thank that in part due to my state's level of health and fitness. Apparently, everyone in my state are basically fat slobs. No mention was made that I, personally, am a health nut that I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, that I eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. None of that was mentioned. Nobody apparently cares about that. You see the more government gets involved, the more we become some kind of giant collective much like the Borg from Star Trek. It matters less and less what you as an individual do. It's only what the collective does that counts.

Now you'd think that in a southern state where everyone mostly votes republican everyone would be fit, if my claims were true, but the sad truth is even though in principle liberalism is not compatible with a health and fitness lifestyle, most conservative thinkers seem to think the opposite. A lot of conservatives tend to compare a healthy lifestyle to something hippy rejects from the 1960's do. I mean, surely only hippy tree huggers care about eating organic vegetables. Real republicans and conservatives eat real American food treated with chemicals and loaded with sugar. This conservative thinker doesn't agree. By the way, one of the political areas I'm hopeful for in the future is that we get fewer food products from China. China and most of the Asian countries do not have the same level of quality control on their food as America does. So right now, American food costs more and the cheap food from China is all we have available for the most part. So what good is cheap food if it is laced with chemicals. You might as well eat a tree limb from out in your backyard. It's probably more healthy.

I'm going to ask my fellow conservative thinkers to take a step back and take another look at health and fitness. You see, if conservatism teaches us that we should take responsibility for our own lives, then surely that would include taking care of our own health and fitness. This idea that you can live like hell and go to the doctor for a quick fix is insane. You put garbage into your body, and you are going to become what you eat. Your body is going to feel like garbage!

It's a terrible cycle too. We have longer wait times for doctors, higher insurance costs, etc. Instead of the government doing possibly the one thing it could do, namely sticking with promoting healthy living and labeling food correctly, they go and screw up insurance. If I were more liberally minded, I might suggest that if the government were to be involved with insurance they made a way to make it cheaper for people that actually cared about their own health enough to work at it.

You see I'm sympathetic to people that have major illnesses through no fault of their own, but I'm a whole lot less sympathetic for those that are raising my insurance rates and eat jelly doughnuts all day long and drink sodas like it's water. I shouldn't have to pay for your health insurance, if you don't care enough to eat healthy or exercise a little every day. That's your responsibility, not mine.

People drive me insane that would rather sit in a doctor's office every other week waiting for a new drug prescription than take the little effort it takes to limit sugar and junk food. If you don't know what junk food is, it is anything that tastes really sweet and is usually wrapped in plastic. In other words it ain't a fruit or vegetable. The drug companies are more than willing to keep churning out new drugs to allow you to eat like a perpetual 5 year old the rest of your life, but have you stopped to consider the costs?

It's not free just because your insurance covers it. This is why insurance costs so much. The worse part is that usually a drug solves  one problem and creates another one at the same time. Of course, your doctor is more than happy to give you another prescription to solve that problem which creates another problem and so on.

You see you can't win, if you don't take care of yourself at home first, and then use doctors for real issues that can't be solved through diet and exercise. We as a society cannot win, if the majority of us does not take personal responsibility for themselves and yet takes part in the collective's insurance, but wait, Obama made that mandatory, didn't he. So you see, we all need to live healthy, not just for ourselves, but for the good of the country. Even if there wasn't this communistic law that we all had to have health insurance coverage, we need to do a lot better. If we did actually take our health seriously, there would be less waiting at the doctor's office. If healthcare professionals were sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for patients, think about how much more time they could spend on each individual patient and how much cheaper healthcare would likely become over time.

To my conservative friends, don't call yourself a conservative unless you carry it out your conservatism to it's natural conclusion. In other words, take responsibility for your health. Do it for yourself, your family, your friends. How long you live and what kind of life you live is in your control. Sure there are those unforeseen diseases and ailments that are an unpredictable part of life, but eating enough junk food to look pregnant all your life is like jumping off a bridge. Just don't do it. It's common sense no matter what political party you belong to.

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