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Kidney Stones Home Remedy

If you read my old article on kidney stones, which must be a few years old now, then you know I've had issues with kidney stones in the past.

I'm not sure of the timeline, but I did have quite a few run-ins with kidney stones up until I started one particular home remedy. I even had surgery at one point, and to this day I wonder, if doctors are so smart why didn't anybody ever mention this to me? Well, unfortunately, home remedies do not make drug companies money nor does a person avoiding surgery make doctors and hospitals money either.

Don't get me wrong, don't think I'm saying don't go to doctors and hospitals, but the facts are the facts. Home remedies in my experience can be quite effective, but doctors seem to know nothing about them or preventing disease through nutrition.

Anyways, I believe it was the last time I had a major issue with a kidney stone that I found this simple home remedy on the internet that worked wonders for me.

I just mixed olive oil, water, and a like teaspoon or so of organic apple cider vinegar. The oil seemed to coat the stone and the vinegar's acid broke it up making it come out with a whole lot less pain. It's like greasing a ring that's stuck on a finger. It kind of just slipped out.

The really great thing for me in preventing stones in the first place is the apple cider vinegar. I haven't had a problem in years since I've been drinking it. I just use a couple of lid fulls from the bottle poured into a glass of water. It's my opinion that the acid keeps the stones from forming by breaking them up. I can even eat spinach, despite its stone creating oxalates, as long as I drink the vinegar afterwards.

The only warning I have is to never brush your teeth right after drinking it. Give it at least an hour before brushing and drink pure water to rinse the vinegar off to prevent brushing away your teeth enamel.

A guy told me once that one of his relatives felt super healthy after drinking glasses of straight apple cider vinegar, but his dentist couldn't understand why the guy's teeth were in such bad shape. I told the dude, it's probably because of the acid in the vinegar. So remember to not drink it without diluting it with water and don't forget to avoid brushing right afterwards.

Currently, I'm drinking the diluted vinegar once every few days, unless I'm eating a lot of spinach in which case I make sure to drink one glass that day.

I'm not a doctor, all I can do is give my personal opinion, but it does seem to work wonders for me, and I'm glad because there is nothing on this earth more painful than a kidney stone.


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