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How to Avoid Kidney Stones

Recently, I unfortunately, was one of the victims of kidney stones which are probably one of the most painful issues a human being can have in this world this side of being shot. The worst part of it is, of course, as webmaster of this health site I eat right, exercise, and I try to manage stress in my life. I do all the things a person is supposed to do to avoid health issues, but there I was last week in the hospital, knocked out, having kidney stones removed. One stone had completely blocked one of my kidneys.

So I'm yet to go back to my doctor for the usual follow up. You know the one where they say how are you doing after you wait two hours, and then you go home. So I don't know exactly what he might say about the causes of kidney stones and how to avoid them just yet. He didn't want to mention that before doing surgery. One thing at a time don't you know, but he did mention a couple of things like drink lemonade. So anyway, I'm pulling together all the information I can find on the web not only to help you all that might be potential kidney stone sufferers, but to help myself avoid these stones of death at all cost.

From what I've gathered what I did wrong was a simple mistake. I played basketball one day in the hot sun, and didn't drink enough water that day. Water is key from everything I've read or been told to avoiding kidney stones. The urine builds up oxalates when you don't thin it out with water which leads to stones.

So here's part of my research, I'm not going to list all the sites I read, because basically most of them are a rehash of the same info over and over again. This list will give you a good place to start your research into kidney stones, and may offer you some questions you can ask your doctor about.

Possible Drinks to Avoid

1. Soft Drinks without a doubt top the list. The sugar and phosphorous are the main reasons you don't want a coke on a hot day.

2. Tea keeps coming up on every list but specifically iced tea and black tea appear the most. I've also read that green tea may have less oxalates than the black tea, and I've even read some sites claim green tea or even black tea may be helpful to fight against kidney stones.

3. Caffinated beverages which covers cokes and teas, but also coffee.

4. Cranberry juice really got me, I've always drank cranberry juice for my kidneys, but apparently it has a lot of oxalates so it could cause a kidney stone even while giving other health benefits and dissolving some forms of kidney stones.

Good Drinks

1.Water, you have to stay hydrated if you are prone to kidney stones.

2. Lemonade may help with kidney stones thanks to it's acid.

Some Foods to Avoid

9.sweet potatoes
10.star fruit
12.swiss chard

If any of these are your favorite foods, I encourage you to do research and see if it can be determined how much one can eat of these foods without harm.  Most of these are normally good foods, but for kidney stone sufferers it's the oxalate in the foods that makes them dangerous. Really try to avoid processed foods as always.

Supplements to avoid

Calcium supplements should not be taken, but calcium in food may be helpful. Not all sites agree with this, but as I understand it that is the latest finding.

by the Webmaster of Hip2bfit.com

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