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Human Growth Hormone Facts

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

HGH is responsible for cell growth and regeneration and increase muscle mass and bone density. HGH promotes hair growth, accelerates healing, and slows aging process.

Increasing Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Side effects are a huge concern with any drug or new supplement, but by increasing HGH levels naturally through exercise you can reap the benefits without the fear of ill health effects later on.

1. Workouts should be kept under 45 minutes, any longer, and cortisol increases as HGH levels decreases.

2. Proper rest is essential. Most HGH is produced while sleeping during REM sleep. This kind is not the kind used for energy as what is created during exercise but without it muscle gain or general health suffers.

3. HIIT cardio training can increase HGH.

4. Greater intensity in a workout increases HGH.

5. Sprinting is a great exercise for HGH.

6. Forced reps during weight lifting exercises can increase HGH, but are most effective when used periodically.

7. To increase HGH during weight lifting, decrease the amount of rest time to under 60 seconds between sets.

8. Endurance training that works on muscle, power, and speed for longer than ten minutes can increase HGH for up to 24 hours.

Here are a list of books about Human Growth Hormone.

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 HGH Facts

Source: WeightTraining.com - HGH Facts

HGH as a Drug Side Effects

HGH taken as a drug can cause things like carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, abnormal bone growth, diabetes, edema, and increased blood pressure.

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