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Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout

Here are some of the things Hugh Jackman did in training for his role of Wolverine. Personal trainer Michael Ryan aided Jackman in lowering his body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

According to Michael Ryan, "Hugh's weight has actually dropped over 4 kilograms since we began training for Wolverine. However we use a body scanning machine that has proven we have only lost .3 of a kilogram of muscle through that weight loss period so it is predominantly body fat that has gone. Initially we concentrated on building muscle and there was a significant increase in muscle mass so we're happy with the results".

Type of Workouts
High intensity weight training regimen with constant evolution; mixing the program up enough to shock the body into change. Medium amounts of cardio have also been used at the end of their workouts and in the early evening to encourage fat loss.

Lots of heavy iron: bench-press variations, barbell lunges, light squats, and leg presses, among other staples. "I'd change it up every 3 weeks," he says. "Three weeks heavy with lots of rest between sets. Then change to lighter weight, slower reps, four count up, four count down. Then mix in fast, explosive lifting, always changing the workout."

Hugh Jackman Quote: "When I have 315 pounds above me, there's that little breaking point," he says. "You either get really pissed off at that weight, or you ask for help from your spotter. It's that exact point -- and every guy reading this article will recognize it -- when Wolverine gets not just pissed off, but insanely pissed off. I try to reach that point every day in my workout. And then push through it."

Said to have leg pressed 1000 pounds in preparation for X3.

Length of Workout
Hour and a half a day in the gym

Aussie Bodies Mega Weight Gainer,  whey protein isolate, Amino acids, L-Carnitine, Arginine, and a slow release protein formula.

Hugh Jackman’s diet was six meals a day made up of lots of vegetables and lean proteins. He consumed 1000 calories over his normal intake during training.

 X-men Training

Training for Hugh Jackman during the X-men movies was led by Steve Ramsbottom.

“Day 1

* Dumbbell Chest Press (Swiss ball and dumbbells required)
* Push-ups
* Lat Pull Downs (modular lat pulldown machine required)
* External Shoulder Rotations (tubing required)
* Cable Side Raise (adjustable cable pulley machine required)
* Straight Bar Curl (free-standing bar required)
* Close Grip Bar Push-up (free-standing bar and squat rack required)

Day 2

* Leg Squat
* Balance Board Lunge (extreme or round board is required)
* Split Leg Box Jump (do immediately after balance lunge)
* Jack Knife
* Swiss Ball Crunch (do immediately after jack knife)

Day 3

* Walking Lunges: Hold dumbbells at sides. Step through front heel and bring back knee towards floor. Do 30 steps.
* Push-ups: Do 100.
* Swiss Ball Crunch: Do 50.
* Sprint: Outside or on treadmill, sprint 1 minute at 80 percent intensity.
* Inch Worms : In a push-up position, take tiny steps so the feet come towards the hands. Keep walking until you feel a gentle stretch through the hamstrings. Do this 30 times.
* Lat Pull Downs : Do 50.
* Stairs: Take every second step. Perform 20 reps (up and down is 1).”



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