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Heartburn Facts

 Ways to avoid heartburn -

If you suffer from heartburn trying avoiding food triggers like caffeine, alcohol, and anything with nicotine in it. Also you may be allergic to certain foods like wheat.

Switch to high quality sea salt which will give your body the chloride it needs to make hydrochloric acid, and try sauerkraut or cabbage juice. This will help with digesting. Digestion problems can cause heartburn, but you may want to take it slow as it might make it worse at first. Check with your doctor first before making any changes to your diet.

Definitely, limit the amount of processed foods and foods containing excess sugar as foods that are bad for your health will give you heartburn as well as many other issues.

Try to make sure you have optimum levels of vitamin D by getting out in the sun a few minutes a day, if possible.

Exercise is also important for dealing with heartburn.

Drink water instead of fruit juices, coffee, or sodas.

Things to keep in mind

The natural supplement Astaxanthin may help with ulcers. One recent study examined the effect of astaxanthin on gastric mucosal damage caused by alcohol, aspirin and hydrochloric acid.

For the study, mice were treated with astaxanthin for one hour before being exposed to the ulcer causing chemicals.

The researchers found astaxanthin decreased the extent of gastric ulcers. source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22170791

Acid blockers make it more difficult for proper digestion and only give temporary relief. They should be used sparingly and only under doctor's orders. Many commercials actually push acid blockers and antacids as great tools to allow eating of junk food which is the worst thing you can do for heartburn. It's a never ending cycle. You eat junk food that causes heartburn, then you take acid blockers that lowers the amount of acid and makes digestion more difficult, then you eat more junk food because after all, what are you taking the medicine for, but to enjoy crappy food. So the cycle repeats until your digestion system is in shambles and your health is seriously compromised.

The simplest remedy of heartburn for many in the long run is to not eat junk food, but instead some of these drug companies encourage you do just that. That's almost like a drug company that makes cancer drugs encouraging it's customers to smoke cigarettes. Check out this commercial for example.

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