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Since the treadmill is one of man's greatest inventions hip2bfit.com will now present to you the lowdown on the treadmill. Enjoy and when you're done make sure you visit the Treadmill shopping section.

What to Look For When Buying a Treadmill
By Paull Reeve

If you are in the market for a treadmill, today you will be overwhelmed with all the new features and options that are very attractive. More than anything else, you may not be able to choose the best treadmill if you look at all the fancy new options such as built in televisions and CD players. This often leads us away from the features we should be looking at. In order to purchase a treadmill for your home or office you will need to look at a few basics.

The belt and underneath surface is more important than a television. All treadmills normally build up friction between the under surface and the belt. This friction can lead to all kinds of problems later on down the road. In most cases, if you will be using the treadmill quite often you should look for a belt that is 4-ply. A 4-ply belt uses a high density polyester weave underneath that allows for less friction, thus less wear and tear.

According to the type of workout you desire, you will also need to pay close attention to the motor. You can read the motor rating from the manufacturer to learn more. In most cases, the manufacturer will rate the peak hp. The peak hp is rate in which the treadmill will fail. You should try to find ratings that are rated instead of peak hp but in continuous duty horsepower. One thing to remember is that the larger motors normally last longer and are more durable than the smaller motors. No matter what the peak hp is, you will more than likely never reach it, but you do want a durable and long lasting motor. Smaller motors often do not run as smooth as larger motors either, so you should try out the treadmill to see which motor you prefer.

The treadmill should have high quality shock absorption. This will improve your comfort as well as your comfort while you are working out. Think about running on a hard surface all the time such as a sidewalk or pavement. If the treadmill is similar to this then you will eventually harm your joints.

Of course, you can look at many options and features of all the treadmills on the market to ensure you find one that will fit your workout. You should learn as much as you can about the durability of the treadmill. You can read reviews online, talk with others that have purchased a treadmill for their home and of course talk with a profession. If you need help in making an informed decision, there is nothing wrong with talking to a professional. Talk with a personal trainer to learn which treadmills they suggest for the type of workout you desire. A knowledgeable trainer will not steer you in the wrong direction to finding the perfect treadmill that will fit all your requirements while providing you with the protection you need for your joints.

About the Author:
Paul Reeve is a Personal Trainer, Presenter, and Lecturer for Fitness Professionals. Get FREE advice on treadmills from his Online Assistant team at http://www.treadmilladviser.com - providing informed advice on exercise treadmills.


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