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Hey there's nothing more useful on a rainy day for staying in shape than a good old fashioned treadmill. With a treadmill you can watch TV, maybe stick in a DVD while you walk or jog. Have a little fun while you get in shape. There's no rule that says you have to be sitting on your butt to enjoy a movie, right?

Since the treadmill is one of man's greatest inventions hip2bfit.com will now present to you the lowdown on the treadmill. Enjoy and when you're done make sure you visit the Treadmill shopping section.


As a cardiovascular exercise:

* Running or walking on a treadmill can be an effective way to work out, like other complex cardiovascular exercises (similar to non-treadmill walking/running). As with all exercise, regular treadmill use increases endurance.
* Treadmills offer the benefit of reduced impact since all treadmills offer some sort of shock absorption. Exercising on a treadmill can reduce the strain to the ankles, knees and lower back of users.

As an indoor activity:

* Users who would not run/walk outdoors (e.g. due to unfavourable weather conditions, uneven road surfaces, dangerous neighbourhoods or unwanted attention) may use an indoor treadmill.
* Users who do not wish to join a gym may use an indoor treadmill at home.
* Users can do other things while exercising, such as watching television or reading.

As a machine:

* Enables exact calculation and adjustment of slope and speed.
* As most of the factors of the activity are known, the energy expended may be calculated.
* Some treadmills have special features such as step count, heart rate monitors, amount of calories expended.
* Treadmill increases your VO2 max.

Treadmill History
Treadmills were historically used as a method of reforming offenders in prison, an innovation introduced by Sir William Cubitt in 1817.; these were also termed treadwheels. The first private health club in the U.S. was started by Professor Louis Attila in 1894. Cardio workout machines entered the clubs much later and were developed initially for the hospital. The first medical treadmill designed to diagnose heart and lung disease was invented by Dr. Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton at the University of Washington in 1952. Dr. Kenneth Cooper's research on the benefits of aerobic exercise, published in 1968, provided a medical argument to support the commercial development of the home treadmill and exercise bike. more on the history of the Treadmill

Treadmill Articles

Best Home Treadmills - Some Must-Know Facts
By Sarah Gold
If you're looking for the best home treadmills, you're in the right place. Walking and running are very good exercise. They're great for the heart and great to lose weight.

What to Look For When Buying a Treadmill
By Paull Reeve
If you are in the market for a treadmill, today you will be overwhelmed with all the new features and options that are very attractive. More than anything else, you may not be able to choose the best treadmill if you look at all the fancy new options such as built in televisions and CD players. This often leads us away from the features we should be looking at. In order to purchase a treadmill for your home or office you will need to look at a few basics.

An Inside Look At Consumer Reports On Treadmills
By Tim Gorman
Consumer reports on treadmills put out titles like the Best Foldable Treadmill, Budget Treadmill for Walking, Best Treadmills for Heavy Runners and Professionals, and Highest Incline based on reviews included in publications like Consumer Reports, Runner, and Prevention Magazine. In an age where many treadmills on the market offer amenities like TV remote control holders and adapters for IPODS and DVD players, according to a consumer report on treadmills, the most important system components are a heart rate monitor, push-button controls, and wide, flat foot rails.

Treadmill Tips Video Clip

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