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Be fit like a superhero!

Batman's workout

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Everybody wants to watch superheroes on the big screen these days, but does anybody want to go to the trouble to look like one? Did you know there are real life ways to even mimic the powers of a superhero?

1. Healing - Superheroes like the Hulk and Wolverine have super quick healing powers that are a lot better than what we normal human beings can expire to, but by eating the right kinds of food and spices you too can have a much quicker healing ability than your average mere mortal.

First, if you get rid of sugar in your diet and stick to good old vegetables and lean meat, you'll avoid a lot of inflammation that can cause you pain and suffering and many a sleepless night. Sleep is essential as well for good healing. Fruits and vegetables come with antioxidants that speed up healing, and foods like garlic, wild caught salmon, and spices like turmeric can lower levels of inflammation making the time you have to suffer through an injury potentially a lot less. Want to suffer longer? Then, by all means, drink sodas all day, but if you want to look and feel just a little more like Wolverine, then ditch the sugar.

2. Abs - Almost all superheroes have amazing abs, which amazingly can be yours too, if you are willing to eat real food and ditch the sugar. Of course, exercise is important too. It's a combination of creating muscles through exercise, and being able to see the muscles by having a lower amount of body fat. Anybody can do it, it just takes the willpower to throw away the cakes, ice cream, chips, and other processed junk and stick to real food, you know the kind your great grandparents used to eat.

3.Super Speed - Most superheroes possess great amounts of speed, especially guys like Superman, the Flash, and even super heroines like Wonder Woman. You too can posses greater speed, but first, even though I don't want to sound like a broken record, you got to get lean and mean, which means stop eating junk.

Second, if you want to get fast, then (HIIT) high intensity interval training is for you. Basically, it boils down to all out sprinting, then walking for a minute and a half and then all out sprinting again for thirty seconds or less. Do this for anywhere from six to eight times. The idea is to get your body going as fast as possible. Believe it or not this is much more effective at building great speed running than say, running a marathon. Check out your average marathon runner and compare them to a sprinter. Which one do you think can run faster, and which one has the muscles of a superhero?

4. Super Strength - While none of us could ever match Superman or the Hulk, it is very possible to obtain much greater strength naturally by just lifting weights a three or four times a week. If strength is your goal then opt for less reps and heavier weight, but beginners be warned, take your time building up the weight because it takes longer for joints and tendons to catch up with muscles, which heal much more quickly. Ways to naturally improve your strength through increased testosterone include eating garlic, exercise, getting healthy fats from foods like nuts, avocado, and wild caught salmon. Foods like broccoli lower estrogen, making the testosterone in your body at higher levels.

Eat your spinach. Spinach contains beta-ecdysterone which can increase muscle size and strength, and octacosanol, which promotes strength. Spinach also is rich in the amino acid glutamine, which raises growth-hormone levels and levels of protein-synthesis-boosting leucine in muscle tissue, decreases muscle breakdown and helps your immune system. All that stuff about Popeye wasn't all just made up.

Want to be weak? Then eat and drink anything and everything processed preferably with lots of sugar. Just avoiding the crappy food everyone else eats will make you look and feel super in comparison to your buds. There are so many different chemicals and additives in processed foods these days that wreak havoc with hormones and lower testosterone levels.

5. Jumping Ability - Lots of superheroes posses the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. What can mere mortals do to increase their jumping height? Try box jumps at your local gym. Start with a short box, and work your way up higher and higher. Here's a video below to illustrate.


6. Super Vision - We may not be able to see through walls like Superman, but at the very least we can improve or maintain our eye sight by eating fruits and vegetables like spinach and carrots that contain vitamin A. Again, by avoiding junk food, you can also avoid degeneration of your eye sight as you grow older.

Remember superheroes like Batman rely completely on their training. So there's no excuse. You might not be able to afford a Batmobile, but maybe you can look like the Batman physically.

Consult your personal physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program.


Comic Superhero Actor Workouts

Superheroes with gym power section

Superhero fitness inspirations

Lou Ferrigno Workout Tips

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