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Does Protein Help with Weight Loss?


Here's what Fox News is saying about that subject.


Dieters who eat meals and snacks high in protein might lose a bit more weight than those who get less protein and more carbohydrates - all other things being equal, a new analysis of past studies suggests.

Researchers found that over an average of 12 weeks, people assigned at random to a high-protein diet lost about 1.8 extra pounds, and more body fat, than those assigned to a standard-protein diet.

There was no difference, however, in how much participants' blood pressure, cholesterol levels or markers for diabetes risk changed based on the protein content of their diets.

Thomas Wycherley from the University of South Australia in Adelaide, the lead author on the study, said in an email to Reuters Health that the extra weight loss in the high-protein group was "only modest," but that "it may still represent clinical relevance on a population level."

For the study, he and his colleagues analyzed 24 past trials that included a total of 1,063 people.

The reason for their conclusion are based on the fact that protein builds muscle, and muscle burns fat, but by the end they don't seem to give much weight to it. They conclude that there isn't enough evidence to recommend high protein diets.

Personally, as a weight lifter I've seen that higher amounts of protein are useful in losing weight and building muscle. Some of it may also depend on the person. The amount of protein you take in should go along with how long and how hard your workouts are.  There is evidence to suggest that we all have unique requirements based on our food types. Some may do better on higher carbs, or some on higher fat, or higher protein etc.

That being said if you work out a lot especially in the area of muscle building you are more likely to require more amounts of protein than the person who does not lift weights. A lot of these studies do not take that into consideration, and may be using smaller amounts of protein than the average weight lifter takes in.

The most important times to eat protein or take a protein shake are about thirty minutes before a workout, or soon afterward. Having a piece of fruit will help you absorb the protein into your body more easily after a workout and refuel your muscles' glycogen supply.

It's also important that if you use protein shakes to get a good quality one that is made from grass fed cows. Doctor Mercola warns against protein powders with protein isolates. He has said on his web site that it can acidify your body and over time may lead to metabolic acidosis with consequences that include wasting of muscle and bone tissues

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