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Are you poisoning your children?

  Most people would say of course not, and might be offended that you ask, but are you poisoning your kids without realizing it? If somebody asked you if you let your child smoke or drink, most people would say no, but ask them if they let their child or children have a candy bar or a soda, they might not see anything wrong with that scenario.

We all seem to agree that smoking is bad for our health. We all know that alcohol impairs judgment and causes liver disease, but, even though we know sugar causes life threatening obesity, no one seems to care. Sure, it's all over the news, but it doesn't seem to be really sinking in. America is a nation of sugar addicts in a huge state of denial. In fact, we won't even admit how bad sugar is to our own children, much less to ourselves.

Sugar contains a poison called fructose. If we were to eat like most Americans did a century ago, our daily fructose intake would be around 15 grams per day. That's what you might expect to digest if you ate fruits and vegetables. Today it's more like 73 grams per day of fructose. Not only that, but in fruits and vegetables you would receive vitamins and minerals.

According to GreenMedInfo.com, scientific studies have linked fructose to about 78 different diseases and health problems. Fructose can increase your body's production of insulin, which increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, accelerates aging, increases inflammation, and makes you fat. So why would you feed poison to yourself and especially your kids?

These days people seem to have the mentality with their food that if it tastes good, and you don't fall over dead as soon as you eat it, then it must be ok. The problem is that it kills you slowly so you don't realize what the damage is until it's too late.

Remember, the job of food manufacturers is to make money. If they could sell you rat poison to eat and get away with it, they would as long as the people didn't die fast enough to tie it into their particular product. Buyer beware. Think about each and every thing you put into your mouth, and especially what you feed your kids. Don't trust that just because it's for sale at the local grocery store it's safe to eat. I think we really need to redefine the term "food safety" to include slow and painful death, and not just immediate health risks.

Fake sugar is even worse, so please don't rush to give your kids diet sodas. Believe it or not, water will not kill kids. Sodas will make them fat, and eventually they will die from strokes, heart attacks, or diabetes, but don't worry about it, you'll be dead before they are anyway, right? Unfortunately, these days that is not necessarily the case.

Not really the wisest approach to family health, but it just seems like Americans these days either don't understand they are killing their kids, or don't care. I think people know, they just choose to ignore it because they have so many things going on in their lives or they feel like they are depriving their kids if they don't let them eat junk food.

If you love your kids, feed them vegetables, fruits, healthy organic meats, organic eggs, and water, maybe tea. Throw away the doughnuts, sodas, ice cream, pizzas, and all that other processed food poison!

Either that, or just hand your kids a box of cigarettes and some booze and be done with it.

Written by Tim Frady

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