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The No Diet Diet Called the Replacement Diet


Listen to me now and hear me later, as those wacky Saturday Night Live guys used to say, stop wasting your time dieting. It's just going to make you fatter in the long run. The trick is to ask yourself how did I get to where I'm at now. If your 10lbs overweight, 20lbs, 100lbs, ask how did I get here. Taking a wild guess your first idea might be that you didn't exercise enough, and you ate too much. So some of you might start exercising which is great, but isn't enough in and of itself necessarily. It's part of the equation. A lot of you will go on a bread and water diet of some kind and lose weight rapidly only to go back to your normal eating habits that put you in the place where you needed a diet in the first place. This time of course since your body is trying to compensate for your starvation diet decides to conserve another 10 lbs.

Sounds hopeless right, but it's not. Not really. Your problem is you didn't really find what got you into your current weight problem, and for most people these days it's your sugar addiction. Sugar isn't just about the calories. Exercise isn't just about burning calories because it takes all day to burn off one cookie. It's in insulin reaction that sugar causes. It makes your body ignore your insulin boost that sugar gives, and that's what tells you to stop eating. If all you eat is sugar, then after a while you will never feel full. So you'll eat yourself into oblivion and then the body spikes the insulin higher and higher trying to get you to stop and in the process causes hypertension, inflammation and basically kills your health. Exercise has the exact opposite effect. It makes your body respond better to insulin. Which means you get satisfied with your meal easier. Sure you are going to need more calories depending on how hard you exercise, but over time you'll eat a lot less than you would just sitting around eating chocolate cookies and sodas.

Sure fat isn't something to ignore completely, but sugar is the one that messes with your insulin, and natural fat you get in avocadoes and nuts are healthy for you. Sugar is never healthy for you. Never. Sugar is in fruits, but the sugar itself is not healthy.

So what's the Replacement Diet. It's simple. It's something I've used in my own life. When I needed to lose some weight I didn't stop eating. I knew that everyone has to eat. So long term not eating is a losing proposition. The trick is to replace the bad food and drinks with good foods, or at least better foods.

Instead of ice cream try plain yogurt mixed with nuts and berries.

Instead of a candy bar, eat a banana or an apple.

Instead of chicken nuggets, cook some baked chicken with spices of your choice.

Instead of cokes, drink tea mixed with stevia or maybe a lemon. There's a lot of teas out there so even if you think you don't like tea there's plenty of different varieties to try. It may take some trial and error, but getting off cokes is probably the most important diet lifestyle change you can make.

Instead of cokes try squeezing a lemon and or a lime into a glass of water then add a little stevia. Tastes great and it's a lot less sugar plus it's got vitamin C.

Instead of potato chips eat baked kale with coconut oil and add salt. Tastes better than chips.

Replace fast food hamburgers with grass fed beef. It has extra vitamins and CLA which helps to trim your waist.

The biggest thing is replace processed with foods you have to prepare. You'll be much happier and healthier for it in the long run, and you'll lose weight.

Takes a little thought, and maybe a little bit of planning, but by replacing bad foods with good, and cutting down the amount of sugar you eat, you'll see miracles happen. It will be slow and steady, but also permanent.

Remember though the less sugar you consume the faster you lose weight. So even though fruit is good for you don't get carried away with it either.

And don't forget to exercise. It's impossible to be healthy and happy while sitting on your butt all day every day. So get out and do something.

In order to succeed you must remember this is a lifestyle change. It's not a quick 2 week diet. You are looking for foods you can live with for the long haul. That's the only way to succeed at losing weight. Seek a healthy body first and the weight will come off. So you also want to get the proper rest, don't smoke, manage stress, and have fun. Everything that isn't healthy for you will wind up making you heavier. They say quitting smoking makes you heavier, but that's only temporary as long as you eat right and exercise.

I quit smoking, and I'm at least 20-30 lbs lighter than I was back then.

by Tim Hip2bfit Frady Guy copyright 2011

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