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Live A Little?

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the old saying “just live a little,” but did you ever notice that when people advise you to live a little, it’s usually followed by advice to do something that’s maybe not so good for you?

In our teen years it might be alcohol or cigarettes, but then later on, as we get older, it's ice cream, sodas, cookies, cakes, and other fattening sugary snacks. Yes, even the most religiously pious among us have been known to say those terrible words, “just live a little”. I say terrible because those words empower people to take in poison some people refer to as food.

Why is it that mankind has always believed that harmful things equated to living? It seems to be man’s curse since the Garden of Eden to believe that bad foods are somehow good foods being withheld from us. Back then it was a very bad fruit from one tree, but today it’s sugary snacks and greasy fast food. It doesn’t matter that it’s extremely detrimental to our health, we always want to "just live a little".

Back in Adam’s day, all food in the garden was good to eat, but he and Eve just had to have that one fruit that they were told not to eat. Somehow the words from God, “Thou shalt surely die” translated into “live a little” in the ears of Adam and Eve. At least they did after the devil got through twisting everything around by convincing Eve how great this fruit was.

Yes, even today we always want the things we know are bad for us, believing that somehow, in some way, those voices of reason that warn us about those dangers are just trying to keep us from having fun. So, perhaps, in a way, maybe it’s psychological. Human beings are wired to want what they can’t have, and if you tell them cookies are bad for them, they want them all the more.

At some point though, you really have to do the math. Do you want to have a fit, or at least semi-healthy, body? Do you want to avoid sickness and pain as much as possible in your life? Do you want the greater mobility that a fit body gives you? Would you rather have cakes and ice cream than to be able to run? Some people would rather have that than to be able to walk. Take stock of what you are willing to give up for cakes and ice cream and those foods dripping with processed fats and sugar.

Don’t lie to yourself. There are consequences for every choice you make, which, unfortunately, includes the food you eat. One of the reasons I wrote, Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness, a health book from a Christian’s perspective, is that I fear that many Christians think that it’s ok to eat and drink whatever we want as long as it isn’t beer. There doesn’t seem to be any Biblical commands against eating cakes and ice cream even though there are mentions of gluttony.

The biggest problem is that today’s food doesn’t always necessarily qualify as real food. Food should nourish and satisfy the body, but junk food only serves to make a person hungrier. The more you eat the more you want to eat. Real food doesn’t cause people to eat themselves into a bedridden state. It should give a person energy to get up and do things.

Too many good people are accepting their current health state as the status quo, even though, subconsciously, they know those aches and pains they suffer from, or the fact walking has become increasing difficult, etc. is caused not by age alone, but by the very so-called food they continue to poison themselves with.

Only in our backwards society would people compare “living a little” to the taking in of poison we mistakenly call food, just because it might pleasure the taste buds. It’s not that enjoying life is a bad thing, but we really need to think before we decide something is declared enjoyable in our lives.

Think of it this way, if you knew that the food you eat was going to kill you in a single week instead of years, would you still eat it? What if you knew that in a week’s time the food you eat would give you type 2 diabetes and you’d lose the ability to walk? It seems ok if it’s just a future possibility out there somewhere, but realize that once the damage has been done it’s hard to ever get back to where you could have been.

Make the changes now while there is still time. Ditch the junk food and choose to "live a little". Really "live a little" by eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables - foods that encourage health and vitality verses food that slowly kills you.

By Tim Frady

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