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The Relationship Between Insulin to Sugar

Although I've known sugar and insulin are a bad combination for a long time, I didn't really get a solid grip on what the relationship was between insulin and sugar till I took a course on nutrition.

What is Insulin

Insulin actually is the body's appetite suppressant. When you eat it's triggered. The more sugar you eat the higher the insulin level. What's supposed to happen is you eat you, insulin comes in and says you are full and you stop eating, but what tends to happen these days is we eat so much sugar and carbs so often that are body just keeps secreting insulin till we become immune to the appetite suppression it delivers. That is what doctors or nutritionists are referring to when they say a person is becoming insulin resistant.

End Result of Too Much Sugar

So basically, the more sugar you feed on the more resistant you become to your body's insulin appetite suppressant. This in turn makes you feel less satisfied and you keep that hungry feeling. If you continue to feed primarily on sugar and high carbs then this process continues until obesity sets in which leads to diabetes and a whole host of other health issues.

Your body needs carbs, but the best thing to eat to get those carbs are vegetables. Next would be fruit. You need some sugar and carbs to feed your brain and provide glycogen for your muscles especially early in the morning and after a workout. Unless you are going for a HGH workout or Peak 8 exercises to stimulate growth hormone, but that's another article. Worst thing you could do for instance is eat sugary meals several times a day. Even taking a cough drop or mint with sugar 5 times a day means that many times you spiked your insulin. Perfect way to eat is lots of small meals that consist of vegetables and lean meats. That keeps your metabolism higher, the size of your belly small, and keeps the insulin from getting spiked too high during the course of the day as you avoid foods with lots of sugar.

 Something to keep in mind for your health and battle of the bulge most of us face.

by webmaster of Hip2bfit.com

 What does soda do to your body? Just for starters within 20 minutes, your blood sugar spikes, and your liver responds to the resulting insulin burst by turning massive amounts of sugar into fat.

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