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Best TV Themes To Workout To

Studies show that good music can get you motivated during a workout and improve your performance. What better way to get into shape than listening to classic TV themes. Oh for the days when TV intros had those awesome themes.

List of the greatest TV themes to get you up and exercising.


1. T.J. Hooker


T.J. Hooker was a tough cop who was definitely in shape. Shatner could roll off a hood, or take off running down the street after an armed thug with the best of them. Great theme to sprint or jog to.

2. Magnum, P. I.


The theme for Magnum P.I. can definitely get you jogging on a treadmill like there's no tomorrow. It also makes you want to take a trip to Hawaii, drive a Ferrari, and maybe go swimming in the ocean.

3. Miami Vice


This theme was so cool, it took off on the pop charts and actually reached number one. It's Jan Hammer's classic Miami Vice TV theme. Great theme for any kind of aerobic activity, and weightlifting. Remember all those episodes where Crockett and Tubbs took off running after the bad guys. This theme helped them get going.

4. Airwolf


The Airwolf theme just makes you want to get up and fly. This is just one more great TV theme from the 80's. This show featured a very high tech helicopter.

5. Hardcastle & McCormick


Great action show with a great action intro and theme song!

6. A-team


I can't hear this theme without seeing Mr. T throwing around bad guys, machine guns blasting, and cars flipping over in midair. This TV theme is just awesome to lift weights to!

7. Hawaii 5-0


This one is the only one to just barely make it into the 1980's. The show had a great run starting in the 60's, and produced a great exercise theme.

8. Knight Rider

Love Knight Rider as a kid, but for working out, I had to go with the newer version from the updated show a few years back that unfortunately didn't last that long.


9. Mission Impossible


It's the Mission Impossible theme music for when you are on the mission of getting into shape and losing that gut!

10. Psych


It's one of the few modern shows that still has a theme song.


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