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Sugar Addiction

 In 1998, Ph.D. Kathleen DesMaisons outlined the concept of sugar addiction as a measurable physiological state caused by activation of mu opioid receptors in the brain. Her work extracted data from studies done by E. Fitzgerald Blass showing that sugar acted as an analgesic drug whose effects could be blocked by a morphine blocker. Acting on years of anecdotal evidence from her work in the field of addiction, DesMaisons noted that dependence on sugar followed the same track outlined in the DSM IV for other drugs of abuse.

That's the scientific look at sugar addiction, but I think we've all seen first hand the effects of sugar addiction on family and friends. Just go shopping at Wal-Mart and it becomes pretty evident that a lot of folks are addicted to sugar. Some of them may not even realize they are. Maybe even with all of today's health news and information circulating the web, television, and radio people don't realize that the main cause of obesity is sugar. It's not fat that makes people huge, it's sugar. Sugar spikes insulin. Insulin tells your body you've had enough, but once the insulin is spiked enough, your body becomes insensitive to it and no longer listens. Now you eat more sugar to get satisfied. It takes longer for your body to get the message you've had enough, and so the more you eat. Finally, you may start to wonder why you are gaining weight, but from the looks of the general public these days they either haven't noticed or are oblivious to what is causing their dilemma.

Sugar is in everything, and the worst culprit is processed sugar such as high fructose corn syrup. I think most people know instinctively why they gain weight, but they want to blame it on their metabolism, or their genes. Sure everyone has different metabolism, and some people have varying health issues, but we aren't talking about looking like models, just coming in somewhere around what used to be an average weight in this country.

Obesity is on the rise, and more and more people are getting bigger and bigger every year. If this is happening to you, realize this doesn't have to be. You have a choice, but I fear most people feel like life is not worth living without cokes, cakes, ice cream, chips, and so forth. All things are ok in moderation to a certain degree, but if you can't eat in moderation you'd be better off going cold turkey to junk food completely.

As a person that knows a little something about addiction, I used to be addicted to cigarettes. I thank God for taking the desire away from me to smoke. Smoking, alcoholism, and junk food are very similar addictions.  People don't like to think their coke and candies are like booze and smokes, but they can be just as debilitating as hard drugs. Have you seen or read about the growing number of people confined to a bed not by sickness, but by their own body weight, and strangely enough their family and friends keep feeding them. Talk about love that hurts. If sugar wasn't addictive then why would people literally torture themselves to keep eating it? With all the pain and inflammation that sugar causes added to the lack of immobility which creates depression and on and on people are really torturing themselves just for the taste of a sugary snack.

I think God meant for us to enjoy food, but not to put food in His place. When food or anything becomes so powerful in your life you let it cause you pain, take away your mobility, age you, warp your body, and so forth then that has become your god. A cruel god certainly, but a god nonetheless.

The Bible talks about in the last days, men's hearts would fail them. I wonder if the reason had something to do with healthy lifestyles. When a man or woman doesn't have enough heart to get out of bed, they've literally given up on life. It's definitely a spiritual as well as physical condition.

I challenge everyone reading this, if you've lost all heart and the only reason you have to live is for food, maybe it's time to address your spiritual condition. It's time to ask yourself is this food god worthy of my life. It's never hopeless. After a while of giving up sugar a person doesn't even really miss it because you replace bad food with good healthy food.  Natural healthy food like baked chicken, fruits, and vegetables will give your body the nutrients it needs to live and won't keep adding unneeded pounds. Eventually, you'll start to feel satisfied. Don't make a god out of food. In fact, think of it this way, if God didn't make it, don't put it in your body. That means avoid processed foods as if the devil himself made it. Who knows he might just have.

Written by Tim the Hip2bfit Guy Frady

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