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Grocery List - A Powerful Tool for Weight Loss
How preparing a list before you go shopping can help you lose weight.

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Millions of people struggle with losing weight worldwide. Diet and health books come out every day, along with new exercise DVDs, and, yet, the world as a whole keeps gaining more weight. For every person who struggles with losing weight there's likely five that gave up a long time ago. So is there a secret to losing weight? Is being skinny just genetics? Is part of the answer in our mental outlook or simply the types or amount of food we eat? Read to find out!

Never Quit the new Health and Fitness Book from Tim Frady

The complete title of the book is "Never Quit The Back to Basics Fitness Guide ". It takes you through the four major categories or steps to a healthier and happier you. It's not a short term gimmicky program that we see a lot of these days. There's nothing flashy here, just a very simple straightforward approach to health and fitness. "Never Quit" takes the basic fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and puts it in a easy to understand format for everyone.

Christian Excuses for Not Living Healthy Lives
Is it ok to eat unhealthy foods because God controls when its our time to go? Are sugary snacks sinful?

Human Growth Hormone HGH Facts
HGH is responsible for cell growth and regeneration and increase muscle mass and bone density. Get a quick run down on all of it's benefits and how to increase it naturally.

Super Foods for Super Abs
You are what you eat. Check out the article above for a list of super foods to help you look super!

What does the Bible have to say about health and fitness?
Itís remarkable how many Biblical principles affect health and longer life expectancy, like the need to work, being content, and not worrying. The Bible also has a lot to say about over eating.

Heartburn Facts If you suffer from heartburn, or if you eat a lot of junk food, you may want to check out this page. It's the facts just the facts, oh, and one parody heartburn commercial thrown in free of charge.

How to shop healthy: a shopping guide

We wanted to show what kinds of foods to look for in pursuit of better health and developing great action hero abs! I tried to add as much nutritional information as I could in this short video. Hopefully, you will find it helpful not just for purchasing foods that benefit in building muscle and losing weight, but also in improving overall health for you and your family. 

Insanity Workout Review

Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 DVDs packed with cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. I let you know my opinion on this difficult workout set.

Did the latest study on fish oil cause you concern? Then you definitely need to read this.
Debunking Study that claims omega-3 fats raise prostate cancer risk

Coconut Oil for Sunscreen
This forum post may come in handy for those wanting to find a safer alternative to most store bought brands of sunscreen.

Liver health facts
Did you know that too much sugar can be just as harmful to the liver as alcohol?

Vitamin B7 Facts
Did you know a deficiency in B7 could cause hair loss and could occur after eating too many raw egg whites?

One Soda Found to Increase Diabetes Risk by 22 Percent

Dangers of MSG Video Reports We have a video report from Reluctantly Healthy and a special 4 part CBN News video that discusses how to avoid MSG in your food, and what MSG does to harm your health.

Be fit like a superhero!

Everybody wants to watch superheroes on the big screen these days, but does anybody want to go to the trouble to look like one? Did you know there are real life ways to even mimic the powers of a superhero?

How to overcome the dreaded plateau!

Have you hit a wall in your workouts? Have you even noticed that you aren't gaining in strength, pushing more weight, or more reps, even though you may have been working out consistently for years?

Then this article is for you.

Shoulder Exercise Technique Videos
It's important to get the right technique down with any exercise. This page features shoulder workouts from guys who have really built up their own and want to share their techniques through these videos.

Bench Press Technique Videos
It's important to use proper technique when bench pressing to not only get the most power, but to also avoid injury.

Now is the time to get into shape for summer!
Don't get me wrong, it's never too late to get into shape, but right now is the perfect time. In fact, anytime is the perfect time to start getting into shape.

Woman Died from Drinking Too Much Soda at Age 30
A woman in New Zealand died from drinking too much soda in 2010 said a New Zealand coroner, the BBC News reported . It was reported she drank up to 10 liters a day. Yes, sugar can be as addictive as drugs.

Confirmed: Heart Problems Linked to SSRI Antidepressants
Another article from the Dr. Mercola website on antidepressants. You know watching commercials for antidepressants and a lot of other medications can be quite scary when they get to the side effects which make it sound a lot riskier than the problems they are supposed to be addressing.

Can too much fruit kill you?
Is too much fruit bad for you? Well, Doctor Mercola posted a very interesting article the other day that answers that very question in great detail.

Improve exercise workout and results by using the mind
I just read this very interesting article by Dr. Mercola that discusses how the mind can be used to improve workout results by imagining yourself performing the exercise you want to improve in. Years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger would imagine his muscles growing as he worked out. The mind is very powerful when it comes to our health and fitness levels. It's very true that you can even make yourself sick. The mind controls the body, so learn to use that to your advantage. For general health focus on happy thoughts and avoid stressful thoughts. For greater success in the gym, imagine both the workouts and having great results to help you achieve success.

The Redneck Workout Plan
You don't have to necessarily be a total redneck to follow these workout plans, but it helps if you at least live in or near the country. These are great things to do when you can't get to the gym, or can't afford to go to no fancy gym. Warning - these exercises are not for wimps, and you might ought to wear gloves, or you'll blister your hands real quick like.

Are you poisoning your children?
The answer may be yes, if you are allowing them to eat what most Americans are these days.

What is real food anyway?
New article by Doctor Mercola discussing what ingredients are in our meat, and just how much meat is in fast food.

Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's
Can coconut oil help fight against Alzheimer's? It's a special video report from CBN News. This video from CBN discusses how coconut oil may hold the key to slowing down Alzheimer's as well as other diseases and conditions caused by insulin resistance such as diabetes, dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and autism.

How to know when food has become an idol in your life
The Bible warns us not to make idols and to have no other gods before the Lord. These days, we don't usually worry too much about creating actual physical statues to pray to, but Christians know that almost anything can become an idol in our lives if we put it before God.

Fructose Causes Overeating
A new study shows what we already know that fructose may cause individuals to eat more and be satisfied less. Just one more piece of evidence that high fructose corn syrup may have helped the obesity epidemic along.

Live a little?
Why does that little phrase always come before we are advised to do something unhealthy?

Rocky Movies For Health and Fitness Inspiration
Everyone is motivated by different ideas, concepts, and events in our life. The trick to getting on track to a healthy fit lifestyle is finding those things that motivate you.

One of the things that has motivated me over the years is the Rocky movie series.

Reasons to Quit Smoking
Lots of reasons to quit like wrinkles, shortened lifespan, hurts your family's health, causes difficulties thinking, hurts your hearing, heart disease, cancer and on and on, and don't forget about the 4,0000 different chemicals in cigarettes. Read more

Natural ways to fight allergies find out ways to lower your allergy symptoms.

Beware of Food from Asia especially food from China, but now there are food items out there from Taiwan that even China has banned.


Best movie workout songs of all time!

The United States of Depression?
Psychologist Offers 4 Tips for Maintaining Balance in Difficult Times

Best TV Themes to workout to!


Is anything safe to drink? Have you seen the latest, tea causes woman to have bone issues? Energy drinks may cause heart problems. Lots of negative stuff out there, so what's the deal?


Beware of Antibiotics in Chicken
When you shop for chicken or turkey make sure you buy the kind without antibiotics if at all possible, but don't get ripped off by paying more for chicken just because it says boldly on the package "no hormones or steroids"


Antibiotics in food may be creating super bugs!

Food can be medicine or poison to your body
Food can either be a useful medicine to our body or a form of slow killing poison

Doctor Mercola on Mercury
Dr. Mercola recently posted a new article on mercury in dentistry. Mercola is opposed to using mercury for fillings.

Strength Training Exercises
Strength training is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles. There are many different methods of strength training, the most common being the use of gravity or elastic/hydraulic forces to oppose muscle contraction. See the resistance training article for information about elastic/hydraulic training, but note that the terms "strength training" and "resistance training" are often used interchangeably.

Treadmill Articles
Hey there's nothing more useful on a rainy day for staying in shape than a good old fashioned treadmill. With a treadmill you can watch TV, maybe stick in a DVD while you walk or jog. Have a little fun while you get in shape. There's no rule that says you have to be sitting on your butt to enjoy a movie, right? Since the treadmill is one of man's greatest inventions hip2bfit.com will now present to you the lowdown on the treadmill.

Is it a sin to not live a healthy lifestyle?
Does God want us to eat healthy and exercise?

Did the latest study on fish oil cause you concern? Then you definitely need to read this.
Debunking Study that claims omega-3 fats raise prostate cancer risk

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Humpty Dumpty Health Book
Humpty Dumpty's Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids

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What does the Bible have to say about health and fitness?

 Buy Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness
Find out how following Biblical principles can give you a longer healthier life, plus lists of super foods, discussions on exercise, the obesity epidemic, how to lose weight the right way and keep it off, organic verses conventional, and lots more.

Order this book at Amazon today
to get into shape and stay that way with recipes, motivation, exercise tips, and detailed information on the best foods to eat.

Never Quit
The complete title of the book is "Never Quit The Back to Basics Fitness Guide ". It takes you through the four major categories or steps to a healthier and happier you. It's not a short term gimmicky program that we see a lot of these days.

Superhero Fitness


Action Hero Abs!