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Natural Ways to Fight Allergies

According to Dr. Mao's blog, certain foods can cause your allergies to be worse like -

Foods to avoid if your allergies are acting up - wheat, dairy, shellfish, chocolate, cold and raw foods, fried foods, white sugar, bleached flours, and sweetened beverages. If you suffer from ragweed or other weed pollen allergies avoid the following foods and herbs: melons, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, bananas, chamomile, and echinacea.

Doctor Mercola's site has tons of articles on the dangers of processed foods to allergies and foods like soy, corn, genetically modified foods,  and he recommends steering clear of foods with added sugar especially ones with high fructose corn syrup basically avoid all junk food.

In this article Doctor Mercola recommends avoiding swimming in chlorinated pools, so if you suddenly have allergies after swimming, this could be the cause, and you may want to get a filter for your drinking water as well.

Foods to eat - Use more cayenne pepper, hot ginger, fenugreek, onion, and garlic according to Dr. Mao.

He also recommends taking butterbur for allergies based on a study in the British Medical Journal.

Other Remedies

Dr. Mao suggests in his article trying a drop of menthol or wintergreen in a pot of boiling water, then inhale the vapors. He also suggests getting rid of carpets and opting for wood floors instead.

Of course as everybody recommends the most important thing to do is not to smoke cigerettes.

Avoid going outdoors between 5 and 10 AM when the pollen count is the highest.

Something we do all the time is try to make sure to replace your home central air filters on a regular basis, and running a air purifier.

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