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The Right Way to Develop Six-pack Abs

Want to know the right way to develop a six-pack? It's not sitting around watching TV and eating potato chips, but I bet you knew that already. Developing six-pack abs takes a simple plan of action. You need to write down your progress in your workouts from week to week. It takes motivation, and you can give yourself a lot of motivation by seeing progress every week, whether it's one more pull-up, or five more pounds on your squat, or maybe just two more push-ups. Just seeing your progress can give you the motivation to keep going every week and month.

Aside from working out, your diet is where great abs really come from. You can't just eat any old junk food and expect to have great abs like an action hero.

Processed foods should be limited and the focus of your diet should be real food that is prepared by you. The more you learn to cook for yourself the better. Food that is already prepared comes with chemicals and additives that mess with a person's hormones, adding fat and lowering potential muscle gain. Added sugar sends a signal to the body to store fat.

In my new book Action Hero Abs , I have a whole chapter dedicated to nutrition, and another one dedicated to the problems sugar causes to the human body. If you really want to get a great body, and great abs, it's time to stop fooling around and learn nutrition. Knowledge is power, and the more you learn about the best kinds of foods to eat, and what kind of exercises are the most beneficial in the shortest period of time, the faster you'll gain a set of action hero abs for yourself.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that are moving forward and those that are moving backward. There's no such thing as just mellowing in one spot. Forward or backward, which way are you headed? You don't have to be the best athlete in the world, to just be the best you that you can be.

Action Hero Abs can get you started in the right direction, moving forward toward your health and fitness goals, and it might give a chuckle every now and again, to keep you from getting bored.

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Action Hero Abs is a sure fire way to lose weight, build muscle, and develop great abs. Its mission and primary focus is to build on the health and fitness foundation of the individual, and achieving the goal of six pack abs and ripped body.

Within its pages you'll find nutritional information, photo illustrated ab exercises, and the best ways to exercise to lose fat and build muscle in the shortest time possible. This is not a starvation diet book, in fact, it encourages eating for muscle gain, but there are no gimmicky diets within. It contains plain and simple truths about what kinds of foods create the six pack abs look, and what kinds of foods to avoid. You will also learn the natural way to maintain and increase testosterone through food and exercise.

 It is common knowledge that ab exercises alone will not create a ripped ab look, and Action Hero Abs addresses the entire body's needs, with regard to diet and exercise, to accomplish not only a look of great abs, but an overall healthy muscular definition. It informs the reader and empowers them to develop their own exercise and diet plans based on their current fitness level. It's seriously spot-on with solid nutrition and workout facts, with a bit of action hero and superhero based humor thrown in for good measure.


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